Sunday, July 24, 2011

Questions Asked And Answered - Sunday Edition

You might be getting tired of these images of giant octopodes.  Deal with it.  Shouldn't you be figuring out your card points?  Now on to recent questions and comments.

Beardy commented: You know those Fortunes for the Taking and Flocculence minis are like 1 per case or two, right?

The Commissioner commented back: No, I didn't.  I haven't seen any odds from Topps on them. I've seen forum boards that talk about their scarcity, but I've given my scoring ruling. They'll stay at the points I gave them.

Hiflew asked: Are the favorite player cards only applicable to base cards or do you get the bonus for Hometown Heroes as well?

The Commissioner answers: Favorite Player bonuses apply to any card they appear on. Hometown Heroes, Flocculence, Relics, Autos, and Minis to name a few.

Commishbob commented: I was wondering that as well but one more question disqualifies me I think.

The Real Commissioner commented back: Yep, you're probably right on that one.

The Leader Board page is up and running. Two participants have submitted their final score. Please do not be disheartened if your score does not match or exceed theirs. It isn't about winning. It is about sharing in the card set that is Allen & Ginter. Phooey. It is about winning and don't forget that the prize is a 2011 A&G Hobby Box supplied by the good people at Topps.

Remember, all scoring is subject to audit and correction.


  1. I will posting my packs over the next week after I finish my group break, but my total score is 208 just to expedite things.

  2. What about a Cabinet card that features a favorite player?

  3. LOL No more questions from me I swear.

  4. I got a picture of a flower. I don't mean the floral cards - I mean a black and white card with a drawing of a 4 petaled flower. Anyone know what that is? It clearly has something to do with the code - but it's just one of the flowers that go on the edge of the code parallels?