Friday, September 26, 2014

Bribe Post - the "I play with dolls" edition

Matt, over at Cardboard Conundrum, offered up a bribe.  A bribe so big that it arrived in two boxes.  Matt did his homework on the "What does the commissioner collect?" front.

I know that some of you will divert your eyes when you see Orel in an Indians uniform and others will grab towels to sop up the drool.

I've been eying the following on ebay off and on for years.

A nice porcelain figure.  No, it isn't a doll and yes, Orel looks like he's about to fall backwards.

He did.  The serial number is a nice nod to his uniform number.

To my wife's relief these are now both displayed in my office at work.

Thanks, Matt, for the bribe.  Now to figure out how many points the bribes get.

Look, Topps can surprise us with unexpected cards in Allen & Ginters.  Maybe the commissioner can surprise us with bonus points for bribes.

Get your final totals in by tonight.  I'll be reviewing the scores and declaring a winner of GAC 6 soon enough.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nachos Grande bribe

Chris, from over at the Nachos Grande card blog, sent in a bribe. He's a fan of the Ginter and knows how to take care of a commissioner.

Two 1971 Topps that I needed.  And what I learned from them is to make sure I mark them off my want list.  I didn't.  I added them to my Zistle collection, but didn't do the want list.  So, when I was leafing through a binder of 1971s this weekend I purchased a duplicate.  I'll live.

The minis are a combo of Munnatawket customs and an Expo.  I'll always take customs and I'll always take Expos.

Thanks, Chris, for the cards.  As always, a bribe offered, or accepted, does not guarantee any bump in scoring.

The time is ticking away quickly for contestants to post their final scores.  There's still plenty of time to bribe the commissioner.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ruling Time

I've been sitting on this one for too long.

When Matt first sent it in (way back at the end of July), I corresponded with him sharing my fear that my initial thought that the points might be too large, knocking everyone out of the competition.

It wouldn't have been too much fun to see a total score posted of 600 points knowing that you're getting ready to rip that last pack, hoping for a good one so that you can get over the 170 point hump.

After I gave my explanation, Matt said that he was cool with that.  But I've waited too long.  It hasn't been fair to him or to the other contestants.

So, let's recap.

Matt wrote:
My box-topper was a five-card mini-pack with red-bordered minis, each numbered /33. What are the point values for these?

After much thought the Commissioner replied:
The individual cards are worth 4 points each, for a total of 20 points.  Favorite Players, Favorite Team and Yankees scoring adjustments are in play.
See that wasn't so hard.

In the interest of fairness, Matt did send in a bribe.  In no way did it influence this decision.  In fact, I haven't opened yet.  I am a fair, if not slow, commissioner.

Okay kids, you have just over a week to complete your scoring and post the results.

Thanks for playing.

More bribes to be shown soon.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hey gang, this is what a bribe looks like.

 David, over at, home of the Pack-A-Daily Circus, sent me a package, hoping to boost his anemic total.

David knocked off six of my Elusive Eight.  I had already obtained a few of these prior to receiving his package in the mail, but I won't let my lack of updating the page count against him.  Although, had he been reading my blog he would have known.  Look in the center.  Another 1 of 1.  None of this gimmicky 1 of 1.  This is a true blue auto, with a semi personalized inscription of "Gint-A-Cuffs 6 Bonus Incentives".

Coming soon... A box topper ruling AND another bribe.  Hold on to your hats, team.