Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leader Board

Current Leaders on the Gint-A-Cuffs Leader Board
  1. 347 - Beardy (Beardy's Baseball Blog) - Nick Markakis/Oriole
  2. 333 - FanofReds (Nachos Grande) - Joey Votto/Reds
  3. 304 - Ryan (Card Cache) - Jay Bruce/Reds
  4. 293 - Motherscratcher (Achiever Card Blog) - Grady Sizemore/Indians
  5. 274 - John (Old School Breaks) - Mariano Rivera/Yankees
  6. 273 - Sharpe (Sharpe Since 92) - Ryan Braun/Brewers
  7. 268 - Night Owl (Night Owl Cards) - Clayton Kershaw/Dodgers
  8. 267 - Loi (Boxopener) - Hanley Ramirez/Red Sox
  9. 259 - whodidthewhatnow (Who Did The What Now?) - David Wright/Mets
  10. 247 - Drew (drewscards) - Derek Jeter/Yankees
  11. 247 - Mark (Sac Bunt) - Tim Lincecum/Orioles
  12. 234 - thehamiltonian (The Hamiltonian) - Josh Hamilton/Toronto Blue Jays
  13. 231 - MdBirdFan (Ryan's Memorabilia) - Nick Markakis/Orioles
  14. 195 - Dan (Saints of the Cheap Seats) - Brian McCann/Indians
Haven't completed (or started) breaking wax :
Zach (Coolio Cards) - Evan Longoria/Rays
John (Sac Bunt) - Joe Mauer/Twins
Chris (Sac Bunt) - Brian Roberts/Orioles
Captain Canuck (Waxaholic) - Adam LaRoche/Braves
Travis (PunkRockPaint) - Adrian Gonzalez/Padres
Dayf (Cardboard Junkie) - Chipper Jones/Braves
gritz76 (Project '62) - Geovany Soto/Cubs
Ben (Cardboard Icons) - Dustin Pedroia/Red Sox
Dan (The Other World) - Chase Utley/Phillies
lonestarr (behind these hazel eyes) - Kosuke Fukudome/Cubs
insearchofpatthebat (insearchofpathtebat) - Pat Burrell/Phillies

I have not yet verified these scores and I'm taking the contestants' word that they are correct. The scores will be verified, but we're not even half way through the Gint-A-Cuff season, so hold your horses. Or cool your jets, depending on your personal mode of transportation.

Contestants, please make sure that you are posting your results in the manner specified by the ever changing official rules.

If I've overlooked something, I would ask for forgiveness. I didn't know what was in that syringe. Honestly, I didn't.
  • Updated on July 30 to include Sharpe, who finished his scoring.
  • Updated on July 31 to pacify Sharpe, who wanted to be included in the correct position. My apologies. My webmonkey has been staying up too late, watching Jimmy Fallon, hoping that he'll actually perform a comedy bit, got tired and careless. I'm going to ration his caffeine and banana intake this weekend.
  • Updated on August 10 to accommodate FanofReds, who broke his second box with now the second highest score. (Psst. Slip me some cardboard and I'll "find" a problem with Beardy's total.)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Box Topper Rulings

There have been several comments regarding the Box Toppers / Loaders and what potential multiplies they should receive.

I have decided to move the Box Toppers / Loaders, including N43s, will be removed from the HITS section and have their own Box Toppers / Loaders section.

There shall be no multipliers for this section. There are additions. If you really want multipliers, do the math yourself.

Here's the Box Topper / Loaders section:

+5 N43 Box Topper
+8 Cabinet Card Box Topper
+20 N43 Relics
+30 N43 Autographs
+50 N43 Autograph Relic
+10 N43 of player from "favorite players" list
+20 N43 of your favorite player
+75 Michael Phelps Autograph Boxloader

The rest of the ponderings will be released shortly.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sponsor's Prize Announced

Today, the prize arrived at my house. I'm green with envy. It derailed all of my ponderings up to tihs point and I fear that I shall have to start the days' work over.

It is a hobby box of 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter's World's Champions Color Picture Cards. When the wrappers have all been recylced, all cards scanned and a winner has been announced, I shall ship this box off to said winner.

This contest of categorizing has been graciously brought to you by:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Commissioner's Ponderings

There's much to think about these days.

It appears that the Creator of Gint-A-Cuffs didn't spell some things out and confusion has ensued.

Specifically, the N43 Box Toppers.

The scoring rules state:

+8 Relic
+12 Short Printed Relic (usually non-baseball)
+15 Autograph
+18 Silk
+20 Printing Plate
+25 Group A Autograph
+25 Rip Card
+100 Cut Signature
+200 DNA Relic
+5 N43 Box Topper
+8 Cabinet Card Box Topper
+10 N43 of player from "favorite players" list
+20 N43 of your favorite player
+20 N43 Relics
+30 N43 Autographs
+50 N43 Autograph Relic
+75 Michael Phelps Autograph Boxloader

x2 If any of those pulls are of a player from your favorite team
x5 If any hits are of players on the "favorite players" list (see above)
x10 If it's YOUR favorite player
-5 points if we pull a hit of ........Corey Patterson (Relic), Eric Gagne (Relic), Jered Weaver (Relic)


blah, blah, blah


This could be interpreted in several different ways.

An N43 Box Topper/Loader gets +5.
If the N43 is on the "Favorite Players" list it is +10, bringing it to +15.

Later on, because the N43 Box Topper/Loader is listed under the HITS heading, there could be multipliers for it (x2, x5, x10). Which would bring it to 25. Or 75. It has to be one final, not a buffet where you get to choose.

I'm not blaming Beardy for this. He assembled the rules based on the information that he had (which was sketchy at best, but so is Beardy), presented it to the blogsphere for comment and approval, then I stuck my nose in it and volunteered to be the Commissioner. It is my problem now.

So, I'm left to ponder what the original intent of the scoring was. Any way that I rule, it will affect some contestants' scores.

Since I don't want to leak the commissioner's rulings out a drip or drop at a time, I will stay up the rest of the night looking into this and the other questions that have arisen, namely:
  • say I pulled a Josh Hamilton Sketch card, is there a multiplier for him being my favorite player? All I see is the X10 for 'Hits' but I don't know if the sketch insert is a hit.
  • World's Biggest Hoaxes are listed at +5pts. I've landed 2 of the mini variety. Is there a bonus for this?
  • What if someone pulls a no number mini card that is also technically a short print? Isn't it already being considered a short print for being a no number? If it isn't numbered 301-350 (since there's no number at all) does that count?
  • National Heroes are listed at +5pts. Same question as before, I've landed 2 of the mini variety. Is there a bonus for this?
  • Nextly. Negro League Stars are now worth +2 points for base cards. What about mini Negro League Stars?
  • Over to the sketch cards, I've landed a player from the favorite player list. Is there a bonus or is it still just +5? I know there is still a Yankees penalty here.
Answers are forthcoming. I must now go and ponder.

Ponder why only one contestant is trying to bribe me. It sounds like they've got some decent stash to send my way, but I'm at a disadvantage. I have no leverage with them. I can't say, "Well, Contestant X just offered these cards, can you up him (or her)?" Nothing. All I can say is, "Thanks, we'll see what that can get you in my rulings." Step it up, people.

Again, a big shout out to Topps for their sponsorship. I told them that they would get visibility and frequent mentioning. I've posted their logo to the right and I gave them a whole post. Now this mention. Maybe I should start a Topps shout-out counter.

Nah, it would look like I'm pandering to them. I'm not. I'm pandering to the contestants. Who still haven't picked up on that.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs now sponsored by Topps

The good folks over at Topps have agreed to be the sole sponsor for this edition of Gint-A-Cuffs and for that we are very happy. They will be providing a prize for the winner. It will be shipping out soon to my house and then in early September, to the Grand Champeen.

I'll reveal the prize shortly, but I wanted to thank Topps for their generosity.

A few quick links to some of their Topps TV videos:
So, the next time you run into Mr. Topps, thank him for the sponsorship.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Red Ink Autos

After discussing the point value with my advisers I have come to a decision.
  • Any single Red Ink Auto shall be worth +42 points. Standard bonus point and anti-bonus point adjustments will apply.
I started to check with my staff to see if I have any outstanding issues to rule on. Then I remembered that I don't have a staff. The budget that I was given to do this task is small. Very small. In keeping up with my job and family (not to mention that the number of posts on my regular card blog have seen a severe decrease) I have probably overlooked a thing or two.

Please remind me where I've dropped the ball. Gently. I thank you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Code Card Scoring and stuff

After combing through dozens of blogs, countless webpages and wearing my fingers to bloody stubs, I have decided to issue a scoring ruling on the "Crack the Code" cards. These are the cards that have the crazy whacked out mini-drawings (some would call them heiroglyphics, and they might be right) around the border. These are NOT the "Crack the Code" promo cards that invite you to actually Crack the Code.
  • "Crack the Code" player cards shall be scored as 2 points. Standard bonuses and anti-bonuses apply.
Some of you may scoff at this. Scoff all you want. I understand that they are distributed at 1:12 packs. You have more of a chance of pulling one than the base card of your favorite player, which is scored at 3 points.

There is some discussion on the blogs about what a "Short Printed Relic (usually non-baseball)" is. I'm having difficulty tracking down the cards that are in each group.

Birthday boy, Mr. Owl, provided some of the odds of pulling various relics. I will reprint (without his permission) his observations...

Framed relic:
Group A: 1 in 100
Group B: 1 in 215
Group C: 1 in 39
Group D: 1 in 17

Framed auto:
Group A: 1 in 2,730
Group B: 1 in 51

Framed red autograph:
1 in 1,801

But, which cards are in each Group? I have heard from a semi-reliable source (that means that I'd let my sister go on a date with him) that there is a checklist for these fabled cards. Please, help a Commissioner down on his luck out a bit. If you know of such a checklist, share the love.


Apparently Dayf posted this same information over a week ago. In the rush of happenings I must have overlooked this. A ruling on whatever I'm supposed to be ruling on after I review them will come forth soon. Thank you, Dayf. At least you weren't born a Gorn.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Commissioner's Thoughts - All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game edition

So, having watched the Home Run Derby and now watching (well, more listening to than watching) the 2009 All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game and having wasted the evening, I feel that I should give you some thoughts and insights into the experience of being Gint-A-Cuffs commissioner.

I know that I need to make some rulings regading Group A-D relic cards, short print cards and red autograph cards.

I can't make a ruling just yet, for I'm don't have all the information.

Commissioner Plea: If anyone has the odds on those Group A-D cards of showing up in a pack/box/case, it would help me a lot. Perhaps they are printed on the packs. You know, in that microscopic print that they love to use, tucked away at the crease, so no matter how hard you try to cleanly open the pack, you end up ripping all the text away.

Also, if anyone has more info on the Short Prints and Red Autographs, it would be helpful.

Now, you might all think that I'm dragging my feet on the rulings. I'm not. I'm just waiting for some of the bribes to start being offered.

As I commented on someone's blog, Virtual egg sandwiches don't fill the binder.

It isn't really illegal or cheating if you do it in the open, is it?

Also, if I make the rulings every time that a conestant asks, I give up my power and then the contestants will have the upper hand for the next seven weeks. We don't want that, now, do we? Nope.

All questions and disputes will be answered. Patience, people, patience.

Darn, the game just ended. I didn't get to see those great plays and close calls. That'll teach me to be commissioner.

Note: The call for graft and cards coming my way is all meant in good fun and any gifts will not affect the outcome of this contest. I think. Try me and see.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

(some) Scoring Updated

I have spent quite a bit of time pondering some of the scoring questions that have arisen and have set forth my thoughts here. These are official scoring changes and clarifications.
  • Negro League Players cards shall count as +2 points.
  • Extinct Creatures cards shall count for +11 points.
  • Silk (or cloth) cards shall count as +18 points.
  • If a card is valued at an odd number of points before having to divide it by 2, as in the case of most Yankee cards, the final number shall be rounded up to the nearest whole number. Example: pre division card value is 5, divided by 2 equal 2.5, rounded up is 3. My abacus doesn't do fractions.
  • A player will be identified with a team based on the uniform (jersey, hat, whatever) that is shown on that card.
  • The New York Yankees sketch card shall not incur "pile on penalties" for having multiple Yankees players represented.
The weekend is upon us. Go and rest. And rip.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Commissioner Update

The boxes are showing up, packs are getting ripped. Gint-A-Cuffs is on.

I have added one more contestant. Think of it like the 65th team in the NCAA Mens Basketball Tourney. An eager, but late comer to the Battle of the Blogs is Dan of Saints of the Cheap Seats.

His player is Brian McCann and his team is the Indians. I'll add McCann to the player's list.

Dan is the last blogger to join this round of Gint-A-Cuffs.

I will allow Negro League Players to the points list. Thanks, Dayf for bringing this to my attention. For too long they have been ignored. Points will not set things right, but perhaps will shed some light on some fine players.

Also, thanks to Dayf, we have hi-res scans of the official checklist.

Beardy brought up a point about silk cards being a tough pull, yet he only assigned them the same points as an autograph. This will be corrected.

I'm sure that many of you are wondering why I, as commissioner, don't just toss some number out there for points assigning. The scoring system is a delicate and intricate mechanism. One doesn't just pull their Ferrari up to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. Spreadsheets are being tweaked, opinions asked and numbers slept on.

From what I've seen posted on the blogs and on ebay this is one nice looking set. I'm not really keen on all of the choices for subjects and I think that the variations would kill a completist, but they look nice.

Some of you might be asking, "Hey, how did that nut case get the sweet job as commissioner?"

In the spirit of transparency, I will share the relevant portions of the emails exchanged by myself and Beardy. Wait, there isn't much there that is relevant. Here are the whole of the emails...


I was wondering if a commissioner has been appointed for the upcoming Gint-A-Cuffs?

I would be willing to be appointed. I can be impartial (unless payoffs are involved) and can be slightly witty.

Both attributes are necessary for an event of this magnitude. Please consider me for this position.

My requirements would be an apartment in New York, a driver and a weekly stipend of a few packs.


And his reply:

Well, aside from the stipend, that sounds great. If you're interested in doing it for free, you got the job.

To which I answered:


You're a tough negotiator. Here's my final offer.

1. A day to myself in the Topps archive, with a small briefcase that will not be searched when the day ends.
2. A fried egg sandwich upon request. Bacon optional.
3. My name in lights above Broadway.

Should these demands, err, requests not be possible, I would be forced to accept the position 'pro bono' (not to be confused with Sonny Bono).


He caved in:

I can meet demand #2 as long as you don't mind McDonalds.

The announcement has already been made, so it looks like Sonny Bono it might have to be.

Thanks for volunteering to oversee this fiasco, there are so many rules I'm sure some sort of authority will be needed.

Since the questions have been rolling in, I have increased my demand for the egg sandwich up to three. He has laughed at me and I don't think that he takes me seriously. When he's crying on the beach next week, looking for hidden shells, he'll rue the day that he accepted my offer or took any of my advice.

Me too.

Comments and Responses

Thank you all for the flurry of comments. I'll address them in this post.

Ryan said...

Hey Commish!

I need a Spring Training ruling over on my blog, Card Cache. I broke 4 packs of 2009 A&G I picked up for fun waiting for my boxes to arrive, and decided to do some Gint-A-Cuffs scoring practice. If you would be so kind as to help me out, perhaps your wishlist will become smaller?

The Commissioner replys:
Good idea on the Spring Training ruling. Practice makes perfect. I'll hop over there soon.
dayf said...

Hey commish - I'd like to propose a late addition to the scoring: Negro League players get a point or two.

I didn't realize there would be any in this set or I would have suggested it earlier. Since I have already opened three packs out of my box (I'm going to see how long I can go with a ration of three per day before I freak and rip the whole box) I am willing to forfeit any Negro league bonus out of my box. I just want the Negro leaguers to get the recognition they deserve.

The Commissioner replys:
Dayf, that is a nice idea. Do you know how many and which are the Negro League cards? We all need to be on the same page with clear guidelines. I don't think that you would (or should) forfeit any of those points.
cardboardicons said...

Oooh, got a scoring question: opened a Box Loader of Japan Advancing to the World BasebLL Classic finals. Daisuke Matsuzaka (Red Sox) is pictured Does this count as a point since "my" team is the Sox? For the record, Matsuzaka is in a Japan uni.

The Commissioner replys:
I'd have to rule that a player must appear in the jersey of the team that is "yours." Matsuzaka, in this instance, represents Japan, so no points for you.
cardboardicons said...

Oooh, another: Derek Jeter Brian Kong insert ...

The Commissioner replys:

Plus points for the Kong, minus points for the Yankee.
cardboardicons said...

AND ANOTHER: Old Faithful is an SP, So are we talking 5 pts for the SP, then minus 1 for the fact that it is Old fAITHFUL?

The Commissioner replys:
I have yet to see a definitive Short Print list. A ruling will come forth when all the facts have been collected.
cardboardicons said...

And Crack the Code parallels?

The Commissioner replys:
Again, I haven't seen any Crack the Code parallels. Do you have a list?
beardy said...

How do you know Old Faithful is a short print? I haven't found a short print list yet for this set, unfortunately.

The Commish is gonna be busy!

The Commissioner replys:


cardboardicons said...

Well, we're assuming 301-350 are SPs, which appears to be the case since they apparently fall one every 2 packs.

I've got the first of three boxes posted and scored (unofficially). Does that look right?

The Commissioner replys:

I'll take a look shortly. Patience, my friend.

Lonestarr said...

I think we're gonna need a bigger commish.

Or more commishes. Or something. The lack of sleep and Ginternet fumes are making me dizzy.

The Commissioner replys:
I'm looking into appointing a deputy commissioner or a small committee to help me out with the difficult issues that will arise during Gint-A-Cuffs.

Topps, at this time, doesn't have an official checklist for this set. I've taken the one that has on their site, but it is missing a few insert sets, has a few card numbers missing and quite a few To Be Determineds. Ebay, and now the Gint-A-Cuffs community, seems to be the place for information.

Speaking of Ebay (see, I can segue as well), I saw a new Extinct Creature. Xerexes Blue (butterfly). That brings my count up to five Extinct Creatures.

Thanks for participating.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Subset, New Points

With the public release today of the 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter set, the ebayers are posting cards as fast as their little hands can type.

Extinct Creatures have been appearing. So far, I have seen the Eastern Elk, Velociraptor, Dodo and Labrador Duck. There may be more. I haven't found a checklist at the Topps site. The various checklists that are floating around seem to be incomplete and do not have this subset.

Now, how to score them? I haven't yet made a final ruling, since I just found out about them today, but I'm inclined to put them at about a +9 or so. This is not yet official.

Stay tuned for more information. I may need to appoint a deputy commissioner to assist me in my duties.

(image lifted from an ebay auction)

Who's It Gonna Be?

Only time will tell! It looks like at least some of us have received confirmation that our boxes have shipped, and Gint-A-Cuffs appears to be on the cusp of commencement. The anticipation is obvious throughout the blogosphere, and beginning tomorrow, IT IS ON!

Wonder who's gonna be the first one to post a break? I smell a sidebet. Any takers?

Gambling is a very serious problem. Don't gamble.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

GINT-A-CUFFS Finalized Rules & Roster

The deadline to enter has now expired, and the field is locked. I must say that 22 people is way more than I ever expected to sign up. This is truly going to be a battle for the ages! All that's left is finalizing the rules. I've been continually updating them pretty much since day 1, and now they are extremely long, complicated, and PERFECT! I decided to take it a bit easy on Yankees fans. If your favorite player is a Yankee, you will still get FULL points for that player ONLY. It just wouldn't be fair if someone's favorite player is Derek Jeter, and they didn't get the maximum points possible for pulling a card of his. It's thrilling to pull a card of your favorite player no matter what, and I'm not gonna be the one to try and kill that.

Also, the Commish and I have decided that the window to post any official Gint-A-Cuffs breaks will be Labor Day, which is September 7, 2009. Each contestant can post a MAXIMUM of 2 boxes towards the official scoring, and only the box with the higher score will count.

There has been some talk of a potential prize for the winner, aside from getting their face on the Gint-A-Cuffs Champion custom Allen & Ginter card. The reason for the Labor Day cutoff date is to allow time for potential scoring to be secured.

Much like with the Turk-Off, when you have this many rules, you need someone impartial to uphold them, and settle any disputes. Mark of the fabulous Mark's Ephemera will be serving as Commissioner for the first ever Gint-A-Cuffs battle, and is here to settle any and all disputes over scoring. I am also going to ask him to look over everyone's entries, and double check their math.

How to post your results:
If you followed the Turk-Off, we are going to be using the exact same format. Please go pack by pack and list every card. Only those cards worth positive points need to be scanned and posted, and I encourage everyone to be honest. No combining hits from multiple boxes, or forgetting to list out those Yankees or Eric Byrnes cards that cost you some points. We're all professionals here, and even though this is war, there are rules here. After all, this isn't Nam!

Below are the finalized scoring rules, and the "Favorite Players" list. Please remember that you get points for ANY player on the list, even if they aren't YOUR favorite. The official roster on the sidebar, will be modified into a scoreboard, and will contain a link back to this post for quick access to the scoring criteria, as well as links to your entries, once they're posted. Everything will also be posted HERE, which is the official Gint-A-Cuffs site. If you need one easy location for all things Gint-A-Cuffs, this is the place.

We should all be receiving our Allen & Ginter boxes in the mail this week (I sure hope anyway) and it's about to be on bitches! Best of luck to everyone, and it'll definitely be interesting to see who is left standing as the grand champion once the dust has settled.

OFFICIAL SCORING (still being tweaked)


0 base card
+1 Favorite Team base card
-1 Yankee base card
+2 Favorite player list base card (LIST CAN BE SEEN BELOW)
-1 points if we pull base card of ....Eric Byrnes, Bobby Crosby, Scott Olsen, Jeff Clement, Kenji Johjima, Tom Gorzelanny
+2 Beard & Mustache Champion base card
+3 YOUR favorite player base card
-1 points for pulling the base for Suez Canal, Milky Way, Old Faithful, Electron (because what the heck are you going to do with that)
+5 Short printed base card (301-350!)
+2 Negro League Player
+2 "Crack the Code" player card (excludes "Crack the Code" promo cards)

0 for base
-1 Yankees
+3 Beard & Mustache Champion mini (#61, Burke Kenny)
+1 Mini of player on your favorite team
+3 Mini of player from "favorite players" list (see above)
+5 Mini of YOUR favorite player
+2 Mini A&G back
+3 Mini black border
+10 Mini no number
+20 Bazooka Back mini
+7 Mini short print (301-350!)
(Combine points if it qualifies for multiple categories (mini "favorite player list" with A&G back = 7pts)
-1 points for pulling mini (any variation) of Suez Canal, Milky Way, Old Faithful, Electron (because what the heck are you going to do with that)

+2 Player from your favorite team
+4 Favorite player list
+6 YOUR favorite player
-1 Yankee
SUBTRACT 1 FOR ANY YANKEE ON FAVORITE PLAYER LIST ex: Jeter: +4 (Favorite List) minus 1 (Yankee) = 3pts

+5 World's Biggest Hoaxes
+7 Creatures of Legend
+5 National Heroes
+3 Brian Kong Baseball Highlight Sketch cards
+10 Inventions of the Future
+11 Extinct Creatures

+5 N43 Box Topper
+8 Cabinet Card Box Topper
+20 N43 Relics
+30 N43 Autographs
+50 N43 Autograph Relic
+10 N43 of player from "favorite players" list
+20 N43 of your favorite player
+75 Michael Phelps Autograph Boxloader

+8 Relic
+12 Short Printed Relic (usually non-baseball)
+15 Autograph
+18 Silk
+20 Printing Plate
+25 Group A Autograph
+25 Rip Card
+100 Cut Signature
+200 DNA Relic

x2 If any of those pulls are of a player from your favorite team
x5 If any hits are of players on the "favorite players" list (see above)
x10 If it's YOUR favorite player
-5 points if we pull a hit of ........Corey Patterson (Relic), Eric Gagne (Relic), Jered Weaver (Relic)



Favorite Players List (alphabetical):
  • Ryan Braun
  • Jay Bruce
  • Pat Burrell
  • Kosuke Fukudome
  • Adrian Gonzalez
  • Josh Hamilton
  • Derek Jeter
  • Chipper Jones
  • Clayton Kershaw
  • Adam LaRoche
  • Tim Lincecum
  • Evan Longoria
  • Brian McCann
  • Nick Markakis
  • Joe Mauer
  • Dustin Pedroia
  • Hanley Ramirez
  • Mariano Rivera
  • Brian Roberts
  • Grady Sizemore
  • Geovany Soto
  • Chase Utley
  • Joey Votto
  • David Wright

Who's face will grace this card? IT'S TIME TO FIND OUT!