Thursday, July 16, 2009

Code Card Scoring and stuff

After combing through dozens of blogs, countless webpages and wearing my fingers to bloody stubs, I have decided to issue a scoring ruling on the "Crack the Code" cards. These are the cards that have the crazy whacked out mini-drawings (some would call them heiroglyphics, and they might be right) around the border. These are NOT the "Crack the Code" promo cards that invite you to actually Crack the Code.
  • "Crack the Code" player cards shall be scored as 2 points. Standard bonuses and anti-bonuses apply.
Some of you may scoff at this. Scoff all you want. I understand that they are distributed at 1:12 packs. You have more of a chance of pulling one than the base card of your favorite player, which is scored at 3 points.

There is some discussion on the blogs about what a "Short Printed Relic (usually non-baseball)" is. I'm having difficulty tracking down the cards that are in each group.

Birthday boy, Mr. Owl, provided some of the odds of pulling various relics. I will reprint (without his permission) his observations...

Framed relic:
Group A: 1 in 100
Group B: 1 in 215
Group C: 1 in 39
Group D: 1 in 17

Framed auto:
Group A: 1 in 2,730
Group B: 1 in 51

Framed red autograph:
1 in 1,801

But, which cards are in each Group? I have heard from a semi-reliable source (that means that I'd let my sister go on a date with him) that there is a checklist for these fabled cards. Please, help a Commissioner down on his luck out a bit. If you know of such a checklist, share the love.


Apparently Dayf posted this same information over a week ago. In the rush of happenings I must have overlooked this. A ruling on whatever I'm supposed to be ruling on after I review them will come forth soon. Thank you, Dayf. At least you weren't born a Gorn.


  1. The autograph and relic groups are listed on the bottom of hobby boxes... Not sure about the red versions though.

  2. Topps announced the short-printed autographs, Relics and inserts list in its 2009 Allen & Ginter baseball set on Thursday.

    There are some surprises — in particular some gimmick Relic cards like the Bigfoot hair card above — as well as some short-printed baseball autographs to be found.

    See them all after the jump.

    Short-printed Autographs
    All subjects, including the ones below, signed 10 cards in red ink except for Michael Phelps and the Invisible Man.

    AGA-MC Miguel Cabrera 49 signed

    AGA-DW David Wright 49

    AGA-JW Jayson Werth 49

    AGA-JR Jose Reyes 49

    AGA-JC Joba Chamberlain 49

    AGA-DO David Ortiz 49

    AGA-MH Matt Holliday 49

    AGA-RH Ryan Howard 49

    AGA-LM LaShawn Merritt 239

    AGA-AT Anna Tunnicliffe 239

    AGA-MZ Mariel Zagunis 239

    AGA-WE Walton Glenn Eller 239

    AGA-KA Kristin Armstrong 239

    AGA-SB Stephanie Brown Trafton 239

    AGA-DOW Dominique Wilkins 239

    AGA-FE Frank Evans 239

    AGA-AP Art Pennington 239

    AGA-RM Red Moore 239

    AGA-HS Herb Simpson 239

    AGA-CP Clyde Parris 239

    AGA-WW Willie Williams 239

    AGA-MN Millito Navarro 239

    AGA-BM Billy The Marlin 239

    AGA-HT Hannah Teter 239

    AGA-SD Shani Davis 239

    AGA-CO Cat Osterman 239

    AGA-RMA Robbie Maddison 239

    AGA-BC Bob Crowley 239

    AGA-RF Richard Fosbury 239

    AGA-SW Steve Wiebe 239

    AGA-WS Will Simpson/Archie Bunker 239

    AGA-MM Mike Metzger 239

    AGA-BBE Bryan Berg 239

    AGA-IK Iris Kyle 239

    AGA-BCA Brian Cappelletto 239

    AGA-LO Loren Opstedahl 239

    AGA-LC Lynne Cox 239

    AGA-BY Brock Yates 239

    AGA-JH John Higby 239

    AGA-BK Burke Kenny 239

    AGA-KM Kolan McConiughey 239

    AGA-YM Yuto Miyazawa 239

    Michael Phelps Autographs

    Phelps has eight different versions each numbered to eight copies and there is a gold 1 of 1 for each of the versions representing his eight gold medals at the last Olympics.

    Short Printed Inserts (Unannounced)

    Inventions of the Future


    Clock Defier



    Mental Movies

    Extinct Animals



    Xerces Blue

    Labrador Duck

    Eastern Elk

    Creature Relics (numbered to 10)


    The Loch Ness Monster


    The Invisible Man


    Creatures Autographs

    The Invisible Man (only a black light will reveal the Invisible Man’s signature). Limited to 10 copies.

    Short-printed Relics & print runs

    AGR-AR Alex Rios 90

    AGR-DM Daisuke Matsuzaka 110

    AGR-NS Nick Swisher 164

    AGR-AP2 Albert Pujols 190

    AGR-MR2 Manny Ramirez 190

    AGR-AS Alfonso Soriano 191

    AGR-RC Robinson Cano 195

    AGR-HR Hanley Ramirez 199

    AGR-EC Eric Chavez 210

    AGR-MM Mickey Mantle 250

    AGR-BTM Billy The Marlin 250

    AGR-LM LaShawn Merritt 250

    AGR-AT Anna Tunnicliffe 250

    AGR-MZ Mariel Zagunis 250

    AGR-WE Walton Glenn Eller 250

    AGR-KA Kristin Armstrong 250

    AGR-SB Stephanie Brown Trafton 250

    AGR-DOW Dominique Wilkins 250

    AGR-HT Hannah Teter 250

    AGR-SD Shani Davis 250

    AGR-CO Cat Osterman 250

    AGR-RMA Robbie Maddison 250

    AGR-BC Bob Crowley 250

    AGR-RF Richard Fosbury 250

    AGR-SW Steve Wiebe 250

    AGR-WS Will Simpson/Archie Bunker 250

    AGR-MME Mike Metzger 250

    AGR-BBE Bryan Berg 250

    AGR-IK Iris Kyle 250

    AGR-BCA Brian Cappelletto 250

    AGR-LO Loren Opstedahl 250

    AGR-LC Lynne Cox 250

    AGR-BY Brock Yates 250

    AGR-JHI John Higby 250

    AGR-BK Burke Kenny 250

    AGR-KM Kolan McConiughey 250

    AGR-MP Michael Phelps 250

    AGR-AP3 Albert Pujols 255

    Short-printed base cards

    Cards 301-350 in the base set are short printed at 1:2 packs.

  3. Has this been decided upon? I pulled a David Wright batting glove relic, which is short printed compared to the jersey version. Does this count as a short printed relic?