Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leader Board

Current Leaders on the Gint-A-Cuffs Leader Board
  1. 347 - Beardy (Beardy's Baseball Blog) - Nick Markakis/Oriole
  2. 333 - FanofReds (Nachos Grande) - Joey Votto/Reds
  3. 304 - Ryan (Card Cache) - Jay Bruce/Reds
  4. 293 - Motherscratcher (Achiever Card Blog) - Grady Sizemore/Indians
  5. 274 - John (Old School Breaks) - Mariano Rivera/Yankees
  6. 273 - Sharpe (Sharpe Since 92) - Ryan Braun/Brewers
  7. 268 - Night Owl (Night Owl Cards) - Clayton Kershaw/Dodgers
  8. 267 - Loi (Boxopener) - Hanley Ramirez/Red Sox
  9. 259 - whodidthewhatnow (Who Did The What Now?) - David Wright/Mets
  10. 247 - Drew (drewscards) - Derek Jeter/Yankees
  11. 247 - Mark (Sac Bunt) - Tim Lincecum/Orioles
  12. 234 - thehamiltonian (The Hamiltonian) - Josh Hamilton/Toronto Blue Jays
  13. 231 - MdBirdFan (Ryan's Memorabilia) - Nick Markakis/Orioles
  14. 195 - Dan (Saints of the Cheap Seats) - Brian McCann/Indians
Haven't completed (or started) breaking wax :
Zach (Coolio Cards) - Evan Longoria/Rays
John (Sac Bunt) - Joe Mauer/Twins
Chris (Sac Bunt) - Brian Roberts/Orioles
Captain Canuck (Waxaholic) - Adam LaRoche/Braves
Travis (PunkRockPaint) - Adrian Gonzalez/Padres
Dayf (Cardboard Junkie) - Chipper Jones/Braves
gritz76 (Project '62) - Geovany Soto/Cubs
Ben (Cardboard Icons) - Dustin Pedroia/Red Sox
Dan (The Other World) - Chase Utley/Phillies
lonestarr (behind these hazel eyes) - Kosuke Fukudome/Cubs
insearchofpatthebat (insearchofpathtebat) - Pat Burrell/Phillies

I have not yet verified these scores and I'm taking the contestants' word that they are correct. The scores will be verified, but we're not even half way through the Gint-A-Cuff season, so hold your horses. Or cool your jets, depending on your personal mode of transportation.

Contestants, please make sure that you are posting your results in the manner specified by the ever changing official rules.

If I've overlooked something, I would ask for forgiveness. I didn't know what was in that syringe. Honestly, I didn't.
  • Updated on July 30 to include Sharpe, who finished his scoring.
  • Updated on July 31 to pacify Sharpe, who wanted to be included in the correct position. My apologies. My webmonkey has been staying up too late, watching Jimmy Fallon, hoping that he'll actually perform a comedy bit, got tired and careless. I'm going to ration his caffeine and banana intake this weekend.
  • Updated on August 10 to accommodate FanofReds, who broke his second box with now the second highest score. (Psst. Slip me some cardboard and I'll "find" a problem with Beardy's total.)


  1. If you noticed I have the standings on the sidebar, you should do that.

  2. Drew,

    That's a very good idea. When my secretary returns from having my suits cleaned, I'll see if I can find the time to have her do it. Right after the filing.

    No, really.

    The Commissioner

  3. I want on the board, I came in at 273. All cards posted!

  4. Ahem, even if its just for a week, I'd like 5th place. :)

  5. Hugz and Kisses for the commish.

  6. Any new scores out there. I'm dying to know if I'll be knocked out of the top 5.

  7. My second box came in with a total of 333 points (if I added it all up correctly...Beardy already saved me two points thanks to an omission on my part).

    My final total can be seen here:

  8. Anyone else finish up their boxes? Are we going to have to rescore for the people who didn't actually participate? Commish??

  9. I suppose some people didn't bother typing their boxes up after they saw Beardy's gigantic score!