Sunday, October 28, 2018

We have a winner

After many moons the Commissioner is ready to announce a winner to the GACX event of the year.

With 127.5 points, it is our artist in residence, Spankee.

Congratulations.  Maybe this will take the sting out of the football loss to Georgia Tech.  Probably not, but it is nice.

Speaking of nice, I'd like to thank the good folks at Topps for providing our prizes.

Prizes?  What?  Plural?  Yep.

That means we'll have a second chance drawing.  Spankee won't be involved, since he won.  Matt S. withdrew from the competition.  A good reason, too.  I'm disqualifying the Ginter Godfather, as he never posted his results.  Sorry.

Since this is the 10th year of GAC, I've spun the randomizer wheel 10 times.

And the winner?  Judson.

I have to apologize for not being involved more than I have this year.  Honestly, I just wasn't feeling it.  This is a disservice to the contestants, and for that I'm sorry.

I'll be contacting Spankee and Judson to get shipping info and will have the prizes out soon.  No, really.