Monday, July 27, 2009

Box Topper Rulings

There have been several comments regarding the Box Toppers / Loaders and what potential multiplies they should receive.

I have decided to move the Box Toppers / Loaders, including N43s, will be removed from the HITS section and have their own Box Toppers / Loaders section.

There shall be no multipliers for this section. There are additions. If you really want multipliers, do the math yourself.

Here's the Box Topper / Loaders section:

+5 N43 Box Topper
+8 Cabinet Card Box Topper
+20 N43 Relics
+30 N43 Autographs
+50 N43 Autograph Relic
+10 N43 of player from "favorite players" list
+20 N43 of your favorite player
+75 Michael Phelps Autograph Boxloader

The rest of the ponderings will be released shortly.


  1. Okay, so at this point I'm going to assume my mini Negro League star card is worth +175. Seems rare, no one else has questioned it and no ruling has been issued.

    So I should be in the lead now with a solid +449.

  2. Senor Sharpe,

    I'm not quite following this. You have a 'mini' Negro League card. Red Moore. It should be worth 2 points.

    175? You don't want to tick off the Commissioner, do you?