Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Commissioner's Thoughts - All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game edition

So, having watched the Home Run Derby and now watching (well, more listening to than watching) the 2009 All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game and having wasted the evening, I feel that I should give you some thoughts and insights into the experience of being Gint-A-Cuffs commissioner.

I know that I need to make some rulings regading Group A-D relic cards, short print cards and red autograph cards.

I can't make a ruling just yet, for I'm don't have all the information.

Commissioner Plea: If anyone has the odds on those Group A-D cards of showing up in a pack/box/case, it would help me a lot. Perhaps they are printed on the packs. You know, in that microscopic print that they love to use, tucked away at the crease, so no matter how hard you try to cleanly open the pack, you end up ripping all the text away.

Also, if anyone has more info on the Short Prints and Red Autographs, it would be helpful.

Now, you might all think that I'm dragging my feet on the rulings. I'm not. I'm just waiting for some of the bribes to start being offered.

As I commented on someone's blog, Virtual egg sandwiches don't fill the binder.

It isn't really illegal or cheating if you do it in the open, is it?

Also, if I make the rulings every time that a conestant asks, I give up my power and then the contestants will have the upper hand for the next seven weeks. We don't want that, now, do we? Nope.

All questions and disputes will be answered. Patience, people, patience.

Darn, the game just ended. I didn't get to see those great plays and close calls. That'll teach me to be commissioner.

Note: The call for graft and cards coming my way is all meant in good fun and any gifts will not affect the outcome of this contest. I think. Try me and see.


  1. Framed relic:

    Group A: 1 in 100
    Group B: 1 in 215
    Group C: 1 in 39
    Group D: 1 in 17

    (Ulterior motive: These odds will come into play for my box!)

    Framed auto:

    Group A: 1 in 2,730 (good luck with that)
    Group B: 1 in 51

    Framed red autograph

    1 in 1,801

    I will eat a fried egg sandwich in the commissioner's honor.

  2. Damn! A fried egg sandwich sounds good... I may have to post a pic of mine after I make it and jealous-ify all you non fried egg sandwich eating losers.

    Thank God I will have something to do during the all-star game now.

  3. Please, we need points for the crack the code cards! I pulled one today of Scott Olsen?!?