Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nachos Grande bribe

Chris, from over at the Nachos Grande card blog, sent in a bribe. He's a fan of the Ginter and knows how to take care of a commissioner.

Two 1971 Topps that I needed.  And what I learned from them is to make sure I mark them off my want list.  I didn't.  I added them to my Zistle collection, but didn't do the want list.  So, when I was leafing through a binder of 1971s this weekend I purchased a duplicate.  I'll live.

The minis are a combo of Munnatawket customs and an Expo.  I'll always take customs and I'll always take Expos.

Thanks, Chris, for the cards.  As always, a bribe offered, or accepted, does not guarantee any bump in scoring.

The time is ticking away quickly for contestants to post their final scores.  There's still plenty of time to bribe the commissioner.

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