Friday, September 26, 2014

Bribe Post - the "I play with dolls" edition

Matt, over at Cardboard Conundrum, offered up a bribe.  A bribe so big that it arrived in two boxes.  Matt did his homework on the "What does the commissioner collect?" front.

I know that some of you will divert your eyes when you see Orel in an Indians uniform and others will grab towels to sop up the drool.

I've been eying the following on ebay off and on for years.

A nice porcelain figure.  No, it isn't a doll and yes, Orel looks like he's about to fall backwards.

He did.  The serial number is a nice nod to his uniform number.

To my wife's relief these are now both displayed in my office at work.

Thanks, Matt, for the bribe.  Now to figure out how many points the bribes get.

Look, Topps can surprise us with unexpected cards in Allen & Ginters.  Maybe the commissioner can surprise us with bonus points for bribes.

Get your final totals in by tonight.  I'll be reviewing the scores and declaring a winner of GAC 6 soon enough.


  1. Falling over, or doing the pelvic thrust?

  2. I'm almost done scanning my packs... posts will be up sunday or Monday.

  3. Wow. My bribes we the equivalent of tossing a few pennies your way compared to these others. I'm almost embarrassed to have even sent anything. Well, there is always next year.

  4. Only 5,055, that's a short print run. I guess the only bribe that would be better than that would be like a 1/1 or something. I bet if someone sent you that, they'd probably win the grand prize.

    Yes, I'm going to milk it.