Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help Needed

Okay, Cuffites, the cards have hit the streets.  Maybe you've already picked up your box from your local card shop or the drivers at UPS have been working overtime and you've already got your box from Community Gum.

I would like some kind soul to take the checklist that is included in their hobby box and put up some hi-res scans.

If you could also scan the pull odds, probably from the side of the box, that would be great.

I hope to have the scoring rules out very shortly.


  1. I got my box. I've got an itch to rip. Heck I already opened the box topper. May I rip away?


    Checklists and pull odds scans posted.

  3. And as a reminder, anyone interested in picking up a box, or another box, can pick up what will hopefully be the winning one with us. We are also now officially lifting the one per blogger limit, so if you want 2 or 3 or etc, just let us know and we'll get something worked out.
    Good luck, everybody!
    --Jon & Andy