Friday, July 22, 2011

More Questions Answered

from Fishes of Fancy
published in 1883

Now that the participants have had a chance to read the rules, they're having more questions.  I've got more answers.  Please check the 2011 Rules for scoring updates and clarification.  Any new changes will appear in red.  Some of the questions below have been edited for clarity.  The answers have not.

Sports Card Blog asked: Now I have a question on rip cards. Since Topps considers rip cards hits, are you considering them hits too? Right now it says no, just double checking.  And I meant for like, multiplier purposes.

The Commissioner answers: Yes, rip cards should be considered as hit cards.  Good question.  I've updated the rules.  That's what happens when the Commissioner starts formulating rules at 2 in the morning.

Commishbob asked: I pulled this out of an envelope on the top of my box. What is it? I didn't see it on the scoring matrix. Am I not reading the matrix correctly? 

The Real Commissioner answers: You're reading the matrix correctly.  It is a some sort of Boxtopper State Relic card.   I'm assigning it +20 points.

Commishbob also asked: Can I set up special pages to show my GAC hits on my blog? I ask because GAC doesn't really fit in the theme of my blog.

The Real Commissioner answers: Yes, of course.  There are specialty/focused blogs such as yours that should stay that way.  Please do show each point scoring card and the appropriate points.  Thanks for asking.

Spankee asks: Say I get a #314 Nick Markakis SP Code Card.  Is it just +3 for being a code, or do I get +3 for code, +2 for SP, and +2 for FP list?

The Commissioner answers: Nope, not just a Code Card, but you get the additional points.  See, that wasn't that hard.  But for those of you who are new here, it was a very good question.

Now for some scoring of inserts:
+4 Fabulous Face Floccuence set
+5 Fortunes for the Taking
+15 Carnival Cuts

Not really a question but a note - Charlie is now a participant.  His Favorite Player is Jay Bruce.  Please take note and adjust your scoring as needed.  No new participants will be added to GAC3.

I think I've answered all the questions that have come in.  If not, you can always leave a comment on the newly created Q&A page.  It is really a misnomer, only questions will be there.  The answers will come as a blog post.  But just having a Q page didn't seem right.


  1. Dear Real Commish... I thought about the fact that someone might at some point mistake me for you as commish of this thing. LOL,

    As a public service announcement: I am NOT the Gint-a-Cuffs commish. If you read my G-a-C pages that would be pretty obvious!

    -commishbob aka the fake commish

  2. You know those Fortunes for the Taking and Flocculence minis are like 1 per case or two, right?

  3. Quick question...are the favorite player cards only applicable to base cards or do you get the bonus for Hometown Heroes as well.

    For example I pulled a Troy Tulowitzki HH insert
    Is it +1 for the insert only or additional points for my fave player and fave team as well?

    The answer is probably in the rules already and if so I apologize for being too lazy and/or dim to see it.

  4. Hiflew I'm was wondering that as well but one more question disqualifies me I think.