Thursday, July 21, 2011

And the first questions roll in

I've gotten a few questions, so I figured I'd answer them.

Colbey asked: Quick question o sovereign ruler of the rules. Do I add +2 points for base cards I pull of other people's favorite players? 

The Commissioner answers: First, I'm not the sovereign ruler of the rules.  That title is too long to type out.  I'm just the Commissioner.  Second, yes.  Per the rules: "+2 Other Favorite Player list base card."  Now, for a bit of clarification.  Jon Lester has been chosen as a Favorite Player by two participants.  If you pull a Jon Lester card, you only get the higher of the credit for the card.  It is either your FP or it is another participant's FP.  Not both.

Colbey asked in a private email: I think I finally have my boxed scored.  Just posted the results on my blog.  I went to the Leader Board to post my score, but the comments have been disabled (?).  Is this the case or am I missing something on how to post my score?

The Commissioner answers publicly: When I modified the Leader Board page last night either I disabled the comments or they were never turned on.  It is now fixed.  Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Charlie asked in a private email: Is it too late to sign up for Gint-A-Cuffs?  I've been on vacation and haven't even ordered a box yet, but am going to when I get back.  Let me know - thanks!

The Commissioner answers publicly: Because I'm a generous Commissioner I will allow this late entry. But no more.  Welcome to Gint-A-Cuffs.

I'm still pondering those wacky beard cards and those another annoying cards.  Don't fear.  I asked the online Magic 8 Ball if those points would be figured out soon and the reply was: Signs point to yes.

UPDATE - I see that Colbey has scored his box.  He followed the rules.  He kept track of the pack scores in a spreadsheet, showed the hits on his blog.  What I'd like to see, though, is a pack by pack showing of the results, a la Night Owl from last year.  The format doesn't have to be exactly like the Night Owl's, but similar is good.  Now, Colbey, I'm not scolding you, just guiding you.  Each blogger will have their own voice on their blog, how they like to comment on the cards, but I do need to see all scoring cards, preferably with the scores attached.  It makes it much easier to go over 24 participants' blogs.


  1. Can I call you the Commish? After looking over Night Owl's post from last year I like it. I was going to do something like that, but after typing up the contents on the spread sheet I really didn't want to type it up again for a blog post.

    I hope you were able to follow the speadsheet and the way I scored each pack. I'll head over to the leader board and post my score now.

  2. I'll have to watch my own video of me opening the box and figure out what was in each pack. Forgot to keep them sorted while opening the box...oops. At least I voiced out every card I pulled.

  3. Help!!! Someone give a newb some assistance. I pulled this out of an envelope on the top of my box. What is it? I didn't see it on the scoring matrix. Am I not reading the matrix correctly?