Friday, July 30, 2010

Commissioner Speaks, my supervisor left edition

So, my supervisor left the company which we work for. Which I work for. He doesn't work here anymore. Which means I move up on the seniority ladder, but my new supervisor is on a lower rung than my old supervisor. Bottom line? I'm working a lot more than I used to. Which isn't saying much, but I've got a lot more on my plate. Hence, the lack of recent posts.

I've been asked about some rulings. I won't get all fancy, but I'll take a stab at them.

But first note that the Leader Board page is up. Scores have not been verified, nor are all scores posted.

Teddy, of the fine Mack's Mets blog, has bowed out of the competition. Something about only getting a pogo stick champ autograph. And that he's only a part time writer for Mack's Met's and didn't have a blog platform to post his hits on. Fair enough. I'm ruling that he is exempt from the competition but that his Favorite Player will stay on.

Slangon asked about Saltiest Sailors and then answered his own question. I like guys with initiative. He also asked about Autograph Redemption cards. They score the same way as an Auto card.

Beardy asked me to "please clarify the SP relic (301-350) scoring". I'll be thinking about that as I hopefully eat some chicken fingers from Craven Wings this evening. It needs resolution, I agree. I just haven't found the right words since my secretary left me.

I also need to get a score up on the Celestial Star cards. And a final decision about the non-rip red auto card. I know. Leave me alone.

If you have finished your rip and have posted the final score, please let me know so I can add it to the Leader Board. Remember, a hobby box of 2010 A&G from Topps for the winner and a PC version of Strat-O-Matic Baseball for the second and third place boxes. Just showing a little love for our sponsors.


  1. Um... that score from The Other World... you know... the one that's on TOP of the current leaderboard... yeah... that's from LAST year.

  2. I've got my total tallied.

  3. Beardy - Yes, I put that up as a ruse, just to see if anyone was watching. Now that I've been outed, I've removed it. You get no extra points. There are no hidden contests.

    Slangon - I've added your total in. Thanks.