Friday, July 9, 2010

The Commissioner Speaks, part deux

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to make any rulings last evening, but I was so devastated by LeBron's announcement that I immediately shut off all the electricity in the house and turned off my cell phone. I did not want to hear or see anything else about it. Today is a new day and I have a clearer head. Let's get it on...

Beard wrote: This Day In History cards are one-per-pack. Still want to make them worth +1?

The Commissioner replies: Yep. Otherwise how would someone like Night Owl get any points. Yes, it does seem senseless, but the cost to go back and review and redo everyone's scores would be monumental. +1 on This Day In History. Plus or minus modifiers.

Beardy also wrote: Don't forget the "Saltiest Sailors" cards either.

The Commissioner replies: Forget about them? Never knew about them. I'm holding off judgment on the Saltiest Sailors cards until I make a ruling on the contents of the Rip Cards. Hold on there, bucko. Just wait.

Beardy (once again) wrote: Autographs are worth less than relic cards? That doesn't make sense, since they are a tougher pull.

The Commissioner replies: While putting the scoring rules together, I had intended to make the autographs at +15, but my copy and pasting skills were at a low (due to my biorhythms being all out of whack) and the 'tens' part of the 15 didn't get transferred. It has been corrected on the rules.

Any changes to the scoring rules will be posted in red for a week or so to let people know that there is a change.

Several folks asked about scoring for the Short Print relic/auto cards.

The Commissioner replies: Due to the lack of information about short printed auto and relic cards and the ensuing confusion I'm considering pulling any points for Short Printed relic and auto cards. As it stands now, there is only scoring for the Short Printed relic cards (301-350). None of this Marvin Miller shirttails stuff. I have not issued a final ruling on this debacle.

Beardy, the thorn in my side, asked: Why are N43's worth less than cabinet cards? They're a tougher pull.

The Commissioner replies: Because I used that part of the scoring from last years' Gint-A-Cuffs rules. I don't know what the pull ratio was last year. I really don't care. The points will stay as they are. If we get down to the final scores and there is a difference of 3 points due to the N43 vs. a Cabinet Card, then I guess I'll have egg on my face. I can live with that.

Cardsplitter asked: I got a Yankees boxloader/cabinet card. Some crap about them winning a World Series or something. So what does that cost me?

The Commissioner replies: The card described is a Cabinet Boxloader, NCBB6, of the Yankees. The Cabinet Boxloader card would be worth +8 points, but then you must divide by 2 because it is the Yankees. Cardsplitter would get +4 points for this card.

In other news, the grand prize arrived at my house yesterday. Topps has donated a hobby box of 2010 Allen and Ginter. It is in safe keeping.

In other (facetious) news, I'm a bit dismayed at the lack of bribes. Now, don't start up all at once. It will look disingenuous. Really. Don't. But I'd like to collect the Negro League players from the this year's base set.

Oh, I know that I need to rule on the Rip Card contents, Saltiest Sailors, Red Autos and probably some other stuff.

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