Friday, July 2, 2010

The Commissioner Speaks

There have been some interesting questions posed already. I'll try and address them her and will integrate any necessary changes into the official scoring rules.

--David asked: If you rip the rip card, do you count the points for *both* cards? 'Cause, you know, if I get one, I'm ripping...

The Commissioner answers: Yes, you will get points for both cards. I don't yet know what the points for the mini card inside will be.

Kelly said: I've been looking on ebay and I saw some different inserts:
*Celestial Stars
*Creatures of Legend, Myth, and Joy

The Commissioner answers: I forgot about the Creatures cards. They will score at +15 Creatures of Legend, Myth and Joy 1:288

Beardy said: You also forgot to mention printing plates.

The Commissioner answers: No I didn't. You just couldn't see them. Look under Minis.

Cardsplitter asked: I got a Yankees boxloader/cabinet card. Some crap about them winning a World Series or something. So what does that cost me?

The Commissioner responds: I don't know. Exactly which cabinet card did you get? Can you show me a scan of the card, please?

stusigpi said: Guess I was left out ya filthy animals.

The Commissioner responds: Yes. If you can show me where you entered before the extended cut off date, I'll allow you in, but I can't find it. Sorry about that.

Kelly also asked: How are we scoring the "This Day in History" Cards, if at all?

The Commissioner answers: I don't know. I guess they should be scored. Let's go with +1 for any This Day in History card, plus or minus modifiers.

The Commissioner says: I messed up and listed Autographs twice, once under Minis and once under Hits. I've removed the Hits reference and we will only use the points under Minis.

The Commissioner responds: Good call.

Other questions that have come to me privately concern the point values for non-sport autographs. They are considered autos and will be given +5 points. I was also asked about autographs of Negro League players. They get +5 points for being an auto and +2 points for being Negro League players. Therefore a total of +7 points.


  1. so no multipliers for the autos? (just wanna make sure I have my scoring straightened out)

  2. Thanks for the update. Have you seen my list of other questions? :-)


    This is a photo from ebay. I don't want to break my camera. There are a bunch of pin-striped d-bags on it.

    Rivera, Matsui, Jeter and Sabathia.

  4. how do we know which auto's and authentic pieces are SP's? I have a Marvin Miller shirt piece and need to know how to score it please!

  5. Commish, I pulled a /10 red ink auto (kinsler, tx). Baseballcardpedia sez red ink autos are in rip cards, but this one was not. What say you, points wise?

  6. Autographs are worth less than relic cards? That doesn't make sense, since they are a tougher pull.