Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Secretary

tells me that I have many scoring requests and questions to answer. Bah. I'll get to them this evening.

And yes, I made an error on the Autographs vs Relics scoring. It was a cut and paste issue. Mea culpa.

Have no fear. It will be set right.

Also, please direct any and all questions about scoring to this blog, not to any email address.

Rest your pretty heads and dream of rip cards. And no, I still don't know what the mini-cards in those rip-cards score at. Yet. Hey, it doesn't matter, because they're in your dreams.


  1. This Day In History cards are one-per-pack. Still want to make them worth +1?

  2. Don't forget the "Saltiest Sailors" cards either.

  3. Not in my dreams, man. :-) I pulled one of dem dere rip cards, 'member?

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  5. I think the short print relics/auto scoring may need revisiting as it can't really work the same way as the base cards. They don't have card numbers in the sense of 301-350. Not every player/item in the set has one and there are players exclusive to the relic set to top it off. Too bad they don't have groups anymore to make that easier, because I think the non-sport ones are tougher relics/autos than some of the players.