Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, you know how you drift away from a friend. Nothing really terrible happened between you, but you just sort of go in different directions? You know you should give them a call. Reestablish your friendship. But you feel guilty. For not being the friend you should be. So you avoid them. You're ashamed. You don't go the pub they go to, because you're embarrassed. For whatever reason.

That's been me with Gint-A-Cuffs these last few weeks. No, it is not fair to the participants, but I've drifted away, knowing that I need to clarify a few rules, update the leader board, stuff like that. I've been embarrassed that I haven't given it the attention that it deserves. I made a commitment to be your commissioner and I need to do it.

Life has gotten busier, and that hasn't helped, but it is not an excuse. So, I'll ask for forgiveness and move on. I hope you understand. Thank you.

First up... I'm extending the final date to post your breaks and scores. Final date will be on Wednesday, August 18th, 11:59pm. Eastern. Yes, just before Thursday starts. I'm doing this because the original ship date for the product got pushed back a few days.

Now on to the scoring parts...

One of the original scoring rules was:

+2 "Crack the Code" player card (excludes "Crack the Code" promo cards)

It is my understanding that there aren't any of the "Crack the Code" player cards in the set. I'm replacing that rule to now be:

+2 "Celestial Stars" player card

Yeah, I know. I've heard that they are super short printed, only 1 card per trailer truck or something like that. They are +2. That's it. Final answer.

Now, to address the Short Print Relic Cards... Originally I had listed them as:

+12 Short Printed Relic (#301-350 ) (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)

This was based on the assumption that Topps was going to follow some sort of logic in their numbering scheme.

I'm replacing that rule to be:

+12 Relic Cards (#AGR-xxx) (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)

Next year, we I plan to start the Cuffs after the cards have been on the market for a week or so, so that I have a basic idea of what is actually inside the wrappers. Less headaches for me, more fun for you.

Let's see. I think that the only other thing I have looming over my head is that darned red auto that was loose. I'm going to go with a ruling of:

+20 any red auto that is not in a rip card

So there. No, I don't remember who will benefit from that. I haven't invested too much time in looking at who ripped what, for I don't want any personal bias to influence my decisions.

I hope to be updating the leader board later this evening.

Again, I thank you for your patience.


  1. Thanks for the extra points on all relics. I went ahead and updated my scores from box 2. The total will be posted tomorrow.

  2. I will work on my re-scoring as well. As for "official" scoring, if you would like a hand in confirming the scores I would be glad to help out.

    Let me know what, if anything, I can do to help.

  3. I had to wait a month to find out I get 2 points for a celestial stars? Your fired.

  4. Beardy - You're welcome.

    Tunguska - I'll take you up on that offer.

    Cardsplitter - Yep, 2 points. Thanks for the score.