Friday, July 16, 2010

The Commission Speaks - Birmingham Edition

I wanted to post earlier this week, but I was getting ready to head out of town for a few days. Now that I'm actually out of town, I'm carving out a few moments to make some rulings.

I'm in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm attending the 13th Jerry Malloy Negro Leagues Conference. Tonight was the first time I met a Negro League ball player. Ray Haggins. He played for the Memphis Red Sox in the early 1959s. A very nice gentleman, generous with his stories.

Tomorrow is a day full of lectures, a tour of Rickwood Field, then a Birmingham Barons / West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx game. Saturday will be more lectures and then a five hour drive home.

I'll be posting pictures and stories on my card blog (What? You think that this is all I do?) after I scan cards and link photos.

On to the issues at hand...

Slangon asks:
Wait a minute, I've been subtracting 1 point for all the Yankee This Day in History cards that I've been pulling. Should I have not been doing that?

And the Commissioner replies: Yes, the This Day in History cards that depict a Yankee should be (given the penalty of) -1. The Yankees are an abomination to the Gint-A-Cuffs gods.
Clarification: TDIH = +1. If Yankee, then subtract 1. A TDIH card should either +1 or 0. NOT a -1

Community Gum asks: I have a Negro League auto. Would that be a +2 or a multiplier (a la Favorite player list)?

The Commissioner replies: Assuming that this is a mini framed auto, then it would be +2 for a Negro League Player and then +15 for the auto. +17 total.

Everyone and their brother is asking about the contents of the Rip Cards.
All cards pulled from a Rip card will be +10.
If the card is Wood it will be an additional +5.
If the card is an autograph (any color) it will be an additional +5.
If the card is a Yankee, then divide by 2. This is considered a hit.
Example: If you pull a Jeter card from a Rip card and it is a red auto, then it would score as: +10 as pulled, +5 for the auto. It now sits at 15. Divide by 2 for him being a Yankee. That card is now scored as +7.5, or 8 if you are into rounding. I'm into rounding.

UPDATE: I'll add more to the FP / FT / YOUR FP thing later. Don't make this harder than it is. You know what to do.

Several participants have asked about the Saltiest Sailor cards.
Saltiest Sailor cards shall be scored at +7, one for each of the seas.

I'm sure that I've not satisfied everyone with my rulings. I'm not making rulings to make friends. I don't know what cards you've pulled, but I can make some guesses. If this were easy, they'd be paying me a lot more. I'm tired and I hope that my next set of rulings will be done in a less tired state of mind.

Thank you for your willingness to bend to my whims. Next year might be better. I hope.


  1. Wait just a gosh darned minute here. Are you telling me that instead of being +1 for a "This Day In History" and then -1 for being a Yankee (+0), that ALL Yankees "This Day In History" cards are worth -1?

    Yo math is whack commish.Please don't make me go back and revise the score I already added up.

    Also, on those rip card inserts, what if one of them happens to be a favorite player, or MY favorite player? Are we doing "hit multipliers" or simply just tacking on an additional +2 or +4 (FP or your FP)?

    Using your Yankees example, it would be a multiplier, so I just need you to verify that for me, oh wise one.

  2. My box one final score has also been submitted. You gonna get a leaderboard going soon?

  3. I'm with beardy....if the regular TDIH cards are +1 then Yankee TDIH should be +1 and the -1 for a zero. That's how I added up my first box. For exapmle a Yankee SP is +2 and then -1 why change the formula?

  4. I've been scoring the Yankee TDIH cards the same way.

  5. Sounds like a swell trip, commish.

    Now what about celestial stars? Seem to be a case hit, give or take.

    Also, non-rip card red autos.

  6. Um, Mr. Commish... sir... Can you please clarify the SP relic (301-350) scoring for me. From what I can tell, all relics are numbered "AGR-players initials". Since there isn't a number listed anywhere on the card, how are we able to tell whether or not we have a short printed relic?

    I saw Long Fly Ball to Because post a few packs earlier, and said that his Ricky Nolasco relic was a "short print" and thus worth 12 points instead of the customary 8.

    Please clarify.

    You should be paid for this gig. Tell Topps to get on it!

  7. I got 2 questions:

    1) Is the "Sailors of the Seven Seas" a different insert set from "Saltiest Sailors" or they in fact the same thing?

    2) Are Autograph Redemption cards scored the same as if they were just regular Framed Autos or are they different?

  8. Scratch question #1. I see that Saltiest Sailors is indeed a different and much cooler insert set. I'd still like to know about Autograph Redemptions however.

  9. Our final score is up..and less than Beardy's. You know, unless you decide to disqualify part or all of the mutant box.