Thursday, July 9, 2009

Comments and Responses

Thank you all for the flurry of comments. I'll address them in this post.

Ryan said...

Hey Commish!

I need a Spring Training ruling over on my blog, Card Cache. I broke 4 packs of 2009 A&G I picked up for fun waiting for my boxes to arrive, and decided to do some Gint-A-Cuffs scoring practice. If you would be so kind as to help me out, perhaps your wishlist will become smaller?

The Commissioner replys:
Good idea on the Spring Training ruling. Practice makes perfect. I'll hop over there soon.
dayf said...

Hey commish - I'd like to propose a late addition to the scoring: Negro League players get a point or two.

I didn't realize there would be any in this set or I would have suggested it earlier. Since I have already opened three packs out of my box (I'm going to see how long I can go with a ration of three per day before I freak and rip the whole box) I am willing to forfeit any Negro league bonus out of my box. I just want the Negro leaguers to get the recognition they deserve.

The Commissioner replys:
Dayf, that is a nice idea. Do you know how many and which are the Negro League cards? We all need to be on the same page with clear guidelines. I don't think that you would (or should) forfeit any of those points.
cardboardicons said...

Oooh, got a scoring question: opened a Box Loader of Japan Advancing to the World BasebLL Classic finals. Daisuke Matsuzaka (Red Sox) is pictured Does this count as a point since "my" team is the Sox? For the record, Matsuzaka is in a Japan uni.

The Commissioner replys:
I'd have to rule that a player must appear in the jersey of the team that is "yours." Matsuzaka, in this instance, represents Japan, so no points for you.
cardboardicons said...

Oooh, another: Derek Jeter Brian Kong insert ...

The Commissioner replys:

Plus points for the Kong, minus points for the Yankee.
cardboardicons said...

AND ANOTHER: Old Faithful is an SP, So are we talking 5 pts for the SP, then minus 1 for the fact that it is Old fAITHFUL?

The Commissioner replys:
I have yet to see a definitive Short Print list. A ruling will come forth when all the facts have been collected.
cardboardicons said...

And Crack the Code parallels?

The Commissioner replys:
Again, I haven't seen any Crack the Code parallels. Do you have a list?
beardy said...

How do you know Old Faithful is a short print? I haven't found a short print list yet for this set, unfortunately.

The Commish is gonna be busy!

The Commissioner replys:


cardboardicons said...

Well, we're assuming 301-350 are SPs, which appears to be the case since they apparently fall one every 2 packs.

I've got the first of three boxes posted and scored (unofficially). Does that look right?

The Commissioner replys:

I'll take a look shortly. Patience, my friend.

Lonestarr said...

I think we're gonna need a bigger commish.

Or more commishes. Or something. The lack of sleep and Ginternet fumes are making me dizzy.

The Commissioner replys:
I'm looking into appointing a deputy commissioner or a small committee to help me out with the difficult issues that will arise during Gint-A-Cuffs.

Topps, at this time, doesn't have an official checklist for this set. I've taken the one that has on their site, but it is missing a few insert sets, has a few card numbers missing and quite a few To Be Determineds. Ebay, and now the Gint-A-Cuffs community, seems to be the place for information.

Speaking of Ebay (see, I can segue as well), I saw a new Extinct Creature. Xerexes Blue (butterfly). That brings my count up to five Extinct Creatures.

Thanks for participating.


  1. I asked Beardy if it was ok if I joined in, albeit late. He approved but said I should run it by you first. I only decided today, after much jealousy, that I would get a box or two. Let me know what you think. I'll check back after I get my boxes today. My player would be McCann.

  2. I also noticed something else, and this is my fault. Silk cards are #'d 4to 10, an pretty tough to pull, but for some reason are worth just as much as an autograph. That should probably be changed, but you're the boss now Commish.

  3. Negro League Cards are listed as "Negro League Star" on the back of the card where the team name would normally be. I am only 6 packs into my break but I have found:

    Frank Evans
    Art Pennington

    I think there are more but haven't come across them yet.

    It's not official from Topps yet, but the short print cards are definitely 301-350.

    Also I have the official checklist that I got out of my box, I will scan it hi-res tonight and post it for reference.

  4. So after reading Cardboard Icons and a few others recaps on their box breaks, a few little issues probably need to be resolved with the scoring... apparently the Kenji Johjima and Old Faithful cards are SPs so I am curious if anyone has confirmed a definitive list of SPs and/or the odds associated with pulling these cards. It seems a bit ridiculous to think the Old Faithful card is worth more than pulling your favorite player's base card (+3). Perhaps the simple solution might be to drop the point value down for SPs or increase the value of pulling your favorite player. A ruling from the commish?

    Mark from Sacbunt

  5. I just want to introduce myself to the commish *hands him a homemade egg sammich*. Hi.

  6. I've got a couple of scoring questions for the commish before I post my total for the scoreboard.

    World's Biggest Hoaxes are listed at +5pts. I've landed 2 of the mini variety. Is there a bonus for this?

    National Heroes are listed at +5pts. Same question as before, I've landed 2 of the mini variety. Is there a bonus for this?

    Nextly. Negro League Stars are now worth +2 points for base cards. What about mini Negro League Stars?

    Over to the sketch cards, I've landed a player from the favorite player list. Is there a bonus or is it still just +5? I know there is still a Yankees penalty here.

    Thank you for your scoring decisions.