Saturday, August 17, 2013

Prize Boxes Arrive and a few more questions

Yep, Topps came through again.  Three hobby boxes to be given away as prizes in the Gint-A-Cuffs V contest.

As I was taking the picture my daughter, Caroline, wanted  to be part of the photo shoot.  Who am I to say, "No"?

Now on to the questions.

Ginter Godfather asked:
Quick question, for the over-sized box loaders, if you snag one on the FP list but not your FP, is it +10 or +18? Not sure if the +10 in parenthesis is a +10 more or the corrected base value. I think it is +10 since you get +2 for other FP on other cards and the box loader is +8 by itself, but just wanted to verify.
The Commissioner replies:
GG, let's look and see.  The scoring rules state:  +8 Oversized Box Loader (+10 if player from FP list, +20 if it is your FP, divide total by 2 if Yankee)   So you would get +8 for it being an Oversized Box Loader.  If the card is of a FP from another participant that would be another +10.  So, 18 points.  Can you show the card or tell me who the card is of?  Forget telling me.  I want to see the card.

David asked:
I keep pulling Pope Francis I as card #217, not #270 as listed in the rules. Does #217 get +1 as well, or just the #270?
The Commissioner wearily replies:
David.  I've already told you that you aren't going to win this.  See the facebook posting around midnight.  But if you insist on knowing the answer... The Pope Francis I card is numbered 217.  A mistake was made and it has been corrected on the Rules Page.  How many of Popes have you pulled?
And I'm getting closer to answering PatP's question.  Here it is if you've forgotten it.

PatP wrote:
Are red autos #/d out of 10 the same points as a regular auto?
The Commissioner responds:
Again, a bit of investigation is necessary on my part.  My understanding is that the red autos #'d to 10 are from rip cards.  Is the card in question from a rip card?  Or is it a framed mini auto in red ink?  Showing the card on your blog would be helpful.
I really need to see the card to get a sense of what I'm being asked to score on.  I'm inclined to say that it is just another framed auto and score it that way.  I guess I'm bringing this up so that I don't forget to make a ruling and to nudge Play at the Plate into posting the card in question.

That's what I've got.

In closing, here's how the prize boxes stack up.

No, Caroline is not a prize option.


  1. Thanks for clearing up the confusion commish. I only asked since the rules read as such:

    "+2 Across the Years 1:2 (+1 more if the player is on Your Favorite Team or +2 if it is a Favorite Player or +4 if it is Your Favorite Player)"

    So clearly for that case it was +1, +2, or +4 MORE for being on various lists. Since other cards net +2 for other FP, +8 + +2 = +10, hence the confusion on the boxloaders.

  2. I swear I looked at the rules again before I posted... Sigh. And, I don't think i saw the FB midnight post. Well, unless I commented, then I plead sleep deprivation and/or insanity, whichever scores me higher points.

  3. You need a disclaimer: *Adorable daughter not included. :-) I have wondered, though, you do pronounce her name with a long I or a short I sound?

  4. Great pic...Topps will have to donate 5 boxes next year to keep up with her!