Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Questions Keep On Coming

A new day, a new round of question.

David asked:
How about the Mini Bill Walton SP (#350)? 
The Commissioner answers:
Yeah, how about that Mini Bill Walton?  It amuses me.

J. Meeks asked:
Another question (sorry if I'm stupid): Does the Bill Walton Mini #350 count the same as #100? Gracias! 
The Commissioner answers:
Ah, I see.  There are two Bill Walton cards in the set.  That was foolish of Topps.  I am ruling that only the mini Bill Walton (card #100) will get bonus points.  The Mini Bill Walton SP (card # 350) gets the standard +3 bonus for being a SP.  No, you're not stupid.  De nada.

Chris asked:
Just to clarify, is the Yankee penalty cumulative? For example, if I pull a SP Yankee or an Across the Years Yankee, do I get 2 points for the SP or insert and then subtract one point for a total of 1 point, or do I just get a flat out -1 points with no modifiers? I had been scoring it as getting credit for the SP or insert status, but I have seen others score it as a flat -1 for it being a Yankee. 

The Commissioner answers:
Good question.  This trips participants up every year.  It is a cumulative modifier.  Let's say you pull a Yogi Berra (card #327) base card.  This is a Short Print.  You would score + 2 points for the SP and -1 point for Yogi being a Yankee.

The Ginter Godfather asked:
In years past they were cumulative (At least that is how the winner of last year won, he counted a Mantle WIN as -1, but ended up with a +1 net from it to edge out the competition by 2. Looking for clarification on this as well. 
The Commissioner answers: 
Yes, last year's winner was decided in the way that GG described.  It is cumulative again this year.


  1. Lesson learned. Asking the GAC Commissioner is akin to asking for wishes from a genie: wording is everything.

    1. Ah, young grasshopper. You are learning. Now watch this.