Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You have questions

I was just getting ready to fall asleep last night when I decided to take a look at my phone.  Questions were already coming in.

J Meeks wrote:
Does the Pele blank back score anything?
The Commissioner responds:
I have no clue.  Did you pull the regular, the mini, the black bordered mini?  I've seen a few of these on ebay, but it is a surprise to me.  It looks like Topps erred.  Until I can have a committee investigate it, please count it as a regular card with whatever the current point system is.  The Commissioner's office can adjust the point total later.

Chris Ra. wrote:
I am assuming that by What's in a Name, you mean Across the Years?
The Commissioner responds:
Yes.  Late night editing got the best of me.  It has been corrected on the rules page.  Any corrections or updates will be in red text.

PatP wrote:
Are red autos #/d out of 10 the same points as a regular auto?
The Commissioner responds:
Again, a bit of investigation is necessary on my part.  My understanding is that the red autos #'d to 10 are from rip cards.  Is the card in question from a rip card?  Or is it a framed mini auto in red ink?  Showing the card on your blog would be helpful.

So, that's the first round of questions.  And I avoided answering two of them.  Tune in again real soon.


  1. It's a framed version hand numbered to 10.

  2. My initial reaction to the Pele blank back card... "Pele gets blanked!" Ha ha ha... also, PatP, wicked sick red auto dude, can't wait to see the scan! Congrats!

  3. Another question (sorry if I'm stupid): Does the Bill Walton Mini #350 count the same as #100? Gracias!