Sunday, July 27, 2014

Big Head Smack

So, I've been working on the rules, which is basically the points.  I transcribed the odds from a wrapper and have been basing everything off of that.

This is the wrapper from the first pack of new cards I've purchased in over 18 months.  A pack that I purchased at Wal-Mart.  You know, the retail store.  So they are retail odds.  Not the hobby odds.

Of course, that messes things up.  To the point that I can't fix it tonight/this morning (depending where and when you're reading this).

Is it close?  Yes.  But it is not ready for prime time.

We never like delays and I apologize.

The Commissioner


  1. Oh no! I think that would be quite a frustrating experience.

  2. No worries, Mark -- your hard work on this is greatly appreciated!

  3. (grabs pitchfork and organizes frenzied mob)

    Just kidding, man. Take your time.

  4. No worries, man! I know crazy scoring problems!