Thursday, July 24, 2014

A slight delay while we collate

There have been some collation issues here at Gint-A-Cuffs headquarters.  Like card companies, we sometimes have to push back the release date while we wait for things to be finalized.  We don't want to sent out redemption notices if that one player would just turn in their stickers.

I've fallen a bit behind in setting up the scoring and my nature is that I'd like it correct the first time.

I know that, as in past years, I've had to make rulings based on my misinterpretations of the cards, vague rules, or something I just didn't see coming.  I'm trying to stave that off while producing a good bit of Cuffing.

I don't see how this could slip past Saturday, the 26th of July.  I'm sorry for the delay and ask your forgiveness.

-- The Commissioner


  1. May I nominate the turds from Barstool sports (#241 Dave Portnoy and #267 Kevin Clancy) as non-baseball Yankees? They seem pretty repugnant and since they're from Boston it'd be deliciously ironic.