Thursday, August 16, 2018

2018 A&G Wrapper / Odds

I went to my LCS on National Baseball Card Day and bought two hobby packs of Ginter, partly just so I could get a scan of a wrapper, detailing the odds of cards.  The purchase also got me the Aaron Judge bonus card from Topps.  You know, Topps.  Our prize sponsor.  That Topps.

I've transcribed it below.  I'll be using these odds to help formulate the final scoring rules.

*Base Card Glossy Parallel 1:6,161
Base Short Print 1:2

Base Card Mini Parallels
Allen & Ginter Back 1:5
Black-Bordered 1:10
No Number 1:124
*Brooklyn Back 1:248
*Wood 1:2,709
*Glossy 1:6,165
*Metal 1:2,124
*Printing Plate 1:1,328
Framed Cloth Card 1:640
Base Mini Short Print 1:13

Relic Version A 1:37
Relic Version B 1:20
Framed Mini Relic 1:56

* Framed Mini Sunken Treasure Relic 1:52,556
* Framed Mini DNA Relic 1:9,666
* Cut Signature 1:76,444
* Framed Allen & Ginter Originals 1:9,344
* Single Autograph Relic Book 1:2,832
* Dual Autograph Relic Book 1:5,644
Framed Mini Autograph 1:58

Framed Mini Autograph Parallels
*Black Frame 1:527
*Red Ink 1:1,443
*Framed Mini Employee Autograph 1:10,645

Full-Size Autographs 1:4,163
*Rip Card 1:161
*Double Rip Card 1:1,390

Full Size Inserts
World Talent 1:4
Fantasy Goldmine 1:4
World'd Greatest Beaches 1:6
*World'd Greatest Beaches Relic Parallel 1:8,086
Baseball Equipment of the Ages 1:6
Magnificent Moons 1:6

Mini Inserts
Indigenous Heroes 1:10
World's Hottest Peppers 1:50
Baseball Superstitions 1:50
Postage Required 1:50
Flags of Lost Nations 1:50
Folio of Fears 1:50
Home Run Challenge 1:24

key: * = Sequentially Numbered

Any transcription errors fall on the head of the Commissioner.

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