Saturday, August 6, 2016

More letters and letters answered

This is what I was dealing with.

When dealing with a dessert from the Cheesecake Factory, one does not trifle with numbers and scoring.

B Man asks:
Dear Comish what value if any do the Full Size Numbers Game inserts have?
And the Commissioner answers:
Full Size Numbers Game inserts are a 1:2 pack card.  They will have a value of +2.

B Man also asks:
Ditto for Full Size SPs?
And the Commissioner answers:
Are Full Size cards #301-350 short printed?  Based on 2015, they aren't.  No ruling at this time.  Try again later.

boots~ asks:
Pulled a box loader (+4) of Rizzo.  Would I get a bonus since he's on the favorite player list?
And the Commissioner answers:
Most definitely.  I am going to rule that box loaders are 'hit' cards, therefore in this case you'd get the 1.7x multiplier.  If your Rizzo is BL-AR, then you'd get +4 for the box loader x 1.7 for being on the FP list, equaling 6.8 points.

--David asks:
I pulled a FSRA - Full-sized Relic of a comedian... Seriously... What are the points for relics that aren't ball players?
And the Commissioner answers:
The MISC section of the rules states: +5 Full-Size Relics Version A 1:24 (#FSRA-xxx)  (Jersey / Pants / Bat / etc)  (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)  To be safe, I'd go with that one.

boots~ commented:
I like this commish way more than Bud Selig!
And the Commissioner replied:
A.  Who wouldn't?   B. Thanks.  C. Flattery is not a bribe substitute.

Jedi Jeff asks:
Does the Fav Player bonus point translate into the Numbers insert?  Would I get the 2 bonus points because I pulled a Numbers Game of Kershaw?
And the Commissioner answers:
Fair question.  I didn't specifically detail that one out.  So it would be +2 for Numbers Game card, +2 for Favorite Player.  4 points total.

The Commissioner is going on a three day family vacation.  I'll be back to answer your questions on Wednesday.  Maybe sooner but don't hold your breath.

I'll be folding these answers into the official 2016 Rules page later.


  1. What the-!? I searched for FSRA and came up empty... Must have been all those Beaming NG's affecting my brain. D'oh!

  2. The packs will either have an SP or a Numbers Game in each pack, so I think that means SPs are 1:2, but also means that every box would basically score the same in that area.

  3. Base cards 301-350 are indeed short printed 1:2 packs. They weren't in 2015, and I think Topps realized that was a mistake.