Friday, August 5, 2016

Letters, we get letters...

And so it begins.

Questions about scoring are starting to roll in.  For those of you who are new to Gint-A-Cuffs, this is nothing new.  Be aware that the good Commissioner can't immediately answer all the questions that come pouring in due to poor explanations of scoring on his part.  Give him time.

I haven't made rulings on these, but I did want to get them out so you wouldn't think I'm a total slacker.

B Man asks:
Dear Comish what value if any do the Full Size Numbers Game inserts have?
And the Commissioner answers:
I'm at dinner.  I'll think about it.

B Man also asks:
Ditto for Full Size SPs?
And the Commissioner answers:
Still at dinner.

boots~ asks:
Pulled a box loader(+4) of Rizzo. Would I get a bonus since he's on the favorite player list?
And the Commissioner answers:
Dessert is coming up soon.  Please hold.

--David asks:
I pulled a FSRA - Full-sized Relic of a comedian... Seriously... What are the points for relics that aren't ball players?
And the Commissioner answers:
Seriously?  The second round of dessert is due.  Come on, man.

I'll be mulling these over some TUMS and will have answers for you shortly.


  1. And, like any good leader, our commish dodges answers by distracting us with talk of food! Speaking of, I think I need a snack.

  2. I like this commish way more than Bud Selig!