Monday, October 5, 2015

Well, that was quick

Those two months flew by.  Another year of Gint-A-Cuffs is in the books.


It looks like Brad might be our winner, with 195.6 points for his box.

I say "might" because the Commissioner needs to verify the score.  That should be completed in a few days and then the winner can be officially announced and prizes awarded.

Another shout out to Topps is in order.  They have faithfully supported this madness since the beginning.  Thank you, Clay, and your crew.


  1. Woo Brad!

    You box was better than my entire case, so we'll done!

    Good work to everyone else that participated, and thanks Topps for sponsoring the prizes!

  2. Thanks guys appreciate it, but we should really be thanking Mike Trout Wood mini! He has made it all possible! Please let me know if I messed up the scoring (I put all my posts together in 3 hours all at the same time and I tried to be as careful as possible)

  3. Congrats on that doozy of a box Brad!!! I'm glad someone else won with a great box because mine wasn't anything special. I would've felt like I backed into the title as my best card was a Willie Cauley-Stein auto that didn't even get any bonuses!

  4. You suck Brad. I'm kidding! Everyone else was being great, so I felt the need to play the sore loser. It's all in good fun though! Your box was amazing, and I hope something sweet sits in your prize box as well!