Thursday, August 27, 2015

Isn't this thing done yet?

As commissioner of Gint-A-Cuffs the one thing that I dread is having to answer questions about rules.

Really.  I do.  It either shows a lack of preparation on my part, something that I didn't for see, or a glaring blind spot in my thought process. 

Sure, some of you might try to explain that away.  "Topps is off their rocker, putting all those strange parallels in Ginter."  "Look, he's got so many blogs, he can't possibly keep up with Mark's Ephemera and Gint-A-Cuffs.  Cut him some slack." 

Yeah, that's not the problem.  I'm a pleaser.  I want people to like me and the things that I do.  I want to make them happy.  And I feel that when I didn't do it correctly on the front end I've failed on some level.  I know that this isn't true, but sometimes a rules question will be posted to the comments section.  I might avoid looking at it for a day or two, just out of shame.  I don't know.  I don't get it.

Enough about me.  On to the queries.

B-Man asked:
Comish-+3 Full-Size Topps A&G Buyback 1:12 (regular base?)
+10 Base Card 10th Anniversary Parallel 1:393 (are these insert base?)
The Ginter Godfather answered:
B-Man -- The Full-Size Topps A&G Buybacks are the two cards in your box that will be stamped "10th Anniversary Issue" and will be of a design that is NOT from 2015. They can be any full-sized card from 2006-2014, including code advertisement cards!  The Base Card 10th Anniversary Parallel are 2015 base cards stamped "10th Anniversary Issue" and will be stamped with a serial-number #/10 on the back.  Hope that helps clear things up!
B-Man then replied:
indeed thank you
Look, we've got self motivated participants helping each other out.  And I didn't have to lift a finger.   Now, technically, we can't have participants spouting off rulings all willy-nilly.  That just isn't right.  But GG nailed it.  We'll go with that one.

--David started haranguing me with a few questions:

 So, regular mini red box loaders get no extra points, correct? Stated odds: 1:12
And then continued his barrage:
Another question: For RIP Cards. We get +12 for the Rip Card without ripping. Technically, we know there is a card inside, so do we get the +10 for the card inside even without ripping? ;-)
The Commissioner answered:
Regarding the "regular mini red box loaders" I have no earthly idea.  Didn't you read the front part of this post?  Thanks for pointing out another one of my shortcomings.  Seriously though, are there actually "red mini box loaders"?  Are you pulling my leg?
As far as the Rip cards go... to get the +10 for the card inside one must rip the rip card.  Without ripping you really don't know what's inside.  Ever hear of Schrödinger's cat?

About three weeks ago Judson asked:
The oversized reprints are listed in the scoring breakdown, but what about the player cabinet cards? (I pulled a cabinet card of a player on the FP list, but it is different from the oversized reprints). Thank you kindly, good sir!!!!
The Commissioner answers: has those cards listed as the "Box Loader Insert Set" of 15 cards in the checklist, with the odds being 1:3 boxes.  The card are numbered B-1 to B-15.  You're really looking for a number score for that card.  I'm going to give it a a +4 and I have updated it in the 2015 Rules.

defgav, about two weeks ago, asked:
My box's buyback mini happened to be a black border from last year. Does that black border score me any additional points, or is it the standard mini buyback points? (+4 Mini Topps A&G Buyback 1:24)  Oh, I bet would would make most sense is to get the +3 for also being Black-Bordered mini, right? as if it wasn't a buyback.
The Commissioner answers:
Good question.  The ruling is that it is +4, as stated in the rules.  It might make sense to add the +3 for being a Black-Bordered mini, but that card was issued in 2014 and is not subject to additional points.  No double dipping.

Wow, I made it through.  And it only took me two days of typing.  Note about my mini-rant at the top of the post.  First, it was a stream of consciousness type thing and not to be taken too seriously.  I'm fine and I really do like being commissioner with all that it entails.  You know, like bribery.  Second, the mini-rant is just a mini-rant.  No black borders, no flag, no nothing.  It does not score any points.

Mini rant part deux: One of the drawbacks of being the commissioner during Gint-A-Cuffs is I make it my policy to not really read the participant's blogs during the contest.  Or at least until they've turned in their final score.  I really do try to be impartial and I don't want to be tempted in a scoring issue to help nudge anyone's point total up.  You know, that whole pleaser thing.  I'll be spending some time this weekend taking a look at the goodness that is Ginter.

Thanks for playing and keep posting.


  1. I think next year I'm just gonna buy a case and then secretly use the best cards from it to form my GAC "box". I'll be the champion, Barry Bonds style! I'll be really flagrant about it too.. not a single goddamn Yankee will show up.

  2. To answer the question posed to me: Yes. I pulled a red mini pack box loader. Extra points for that? Any extra points for a certain helpful tip I gave regarding a certain computer issue one was having recently? Actually, scratch that. I'd rather not turn helpful tech advice into a leveraging chip for bits of cardboard.

  3. As for the opening, I have the utrmost respect for all you have to do in regards to GAC. Believe me, as the Commish for Pachadermly Circus, I know where you're coming from.