Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Commissioner wakes from his slumber

I take a nap for a week and lots of stuff happens.  Geesh!  You've been asking questions and I owe some answers.

First, my thoughts on the Conjectures post...

-1 point if you pull the base card of:
  • Snoop Lion (#23)
  • Austin Wierschke (#95)
  • Bill Rancic (#128) 
  • Anthony Bourdain (#210)
+1 point for pulling the base card of:
  • John Sullivan (#46) 
  • The Iron Sheik (#153)
  • Tanner Foust (#224)
  • Chuck Klosterman (#271) 

Since only one contestant offered his thoughts I'll address them.  JediJeff is pretty much spot on for the first set.  All people that annoy me.

The second set?  Close.  John Sullivan?  One of the inspirations behind Gint-A-Cuffs.  The Iron Sheik?  The closest thing I can think of to old school wrestling.  By old school wrestling I refer back to the late 1960s and early 1970s when the television feed came from Montreal.  Tanner Foust?  One of the hosts of Top Gear on the History Channel.  Mostly I like Rutledge Wood, but he's not in this year's set.  Chuck Klosterman is an interesting pick for me.  When I saw his name I immediately stuck him with the first group.  Last year, blogger Kari Wagner-Peck wrote a letter to Mr. Klosterman, calling him out on his choice of words in some of his writings.  In an act of redemption, Mr. Klosterman addressed the issue and made amends.  There's all sorts of posters (you kids call them memes) out there that say something to the effect of: "It is how you react to your mistakes that shape you."  His response is what put him in the second group.

There.  That's your peek into the Commissioner's thought process.  Now on to the questions.

I'm going to paraphrase some of the questions as a few of them came directly to my inbox.

Q: Stadiums of  Yore?  Points?  No Points?
A: No points.  They aren't players, they aren't part of the team.  Yankees Stadium does not get dinged.  Just the +2 points for being an insert.

Q: Is it too late to join Gint-A-Cuffs?
A: Yes, at this point it is.  To add another favorite player to the mix would mess up the scoring.  Next year I'll explicitly state in the rules that the participant field will be closed on the day that the rules become official.  Sorry, Caitlin.  Yes, I emailed her, but not until today.  I'm a slacker.

Q: What are the points for a full sized autograph card?  I got one in another box and I'm asking just in case it shows up else where.
A: Fair question.  Look, I'm having trouble assigning the points for a parallel pack of mini reds.  If a specific card shows up in Gint-A-Cuffs that has not yet been addressed, then I'll deal with it.  I can't deal with "what ifs" right now.

Q: Has the prize arrived?
A: Yes, Topps sent it out quickly and it is hiding in deep storage awaiting the address of the eventual winner.

Q: Shouldn't you be answering our questions in a more timely manner?
A: Yes.

Q: So, what about that parallel pack of red backed minis numbered to 33?  How many points?
A: The research department is still looking into this.  The trouble is finding a balance so as not to tip the whole contest, but to still be fair.  Research, research, bribes, and research.

Thanks for playing, kids.


  1. Whoever pulled the full-size auto, if it's Doug McDermott, we need to talk. Seriously. Email me. judsonmeeks AT gmail DOT com.

  2. How about bribes to keep those red parallel cards worth very little in the way of points? ;)

  3. Where would one send bribes if, hypothetically speaking, one were so inclined to send one if one were to, hypothetically, need a few extra points due to one's red parallel cards?