Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Conjecture time

Every year I select four base cards that get dinged and four base cards that get a bonus.  I sometimes share a reason.  This year I've selected the following:

-1 point if you pull the base card of:
  • Snoop Lion (#23)
  • Austin Wierschke (#95)
  • Bill Rancic (#128) 
  • Anthony Bourdain (#210)
+1 point for pulling the base card of:
  • John Sullivan (#46) 
  • The Iron Sheik (#153)
  • Tanner Foust (#224)
  • Chuck Klosterman (#271) 

Just to have some fun (read: no extra points to be awarded), would anyone like to guess the reasons behind why I chose them?


  1. Bourdain is a pretentious jagoff. Snoop Loin is over rated. Wierschke is famous for something incredibly inane. Rancic is a douche cuz he is associated with the look at me ass that is Trump.

    Sullivan will kick your ass is you look at him cross. Foust races motorcycles. Klosterman is a hipster writer. And if you have to wonder about the Iron Shiek, go find his Twitter account.

  2. You should also give bonus points to anyone that is giving away the cards they open during Gintacuffs..


    1. AdamE - I might consider doing that if any one is giving the cards to me.