Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tic Toc revised

In the last post I gave a point ruling. I was wrong.

Clearly I have no clue what I'm talking about.  I have not seen a double rip card except as the participant sent me the scans.  I assumed that it was like a Russian nesting doll, a card within a card within a card.

It is a card with two other cards inserted, one on each side.  To free the cards inside, one would have to rip the card twice.  Hence "Double Rip Card".

So, updated scoring:
+35 Double Rip Card 1:1,429 * any card inside will be counted as a Rip Card (+10) plus possible bonus points based on autos/relic/SP  * cards must be ripped to get the bonus points.  Since this is a 'hit card' Yankees penalties are enforced
And this also factors in:
+5 Mini Exclusive Rip Card (#351-400)
So how would this score?  Let's use the following actual Double Rip card rip as our example.

The Double Rip card in this video is of Robin Yount and Ryan Braun. That card would score +35.

The owner decides to rip it, freeing the cards trapped inside. Each of those cards would be +10. So now they're up to a net of +55. What did they pull?  Mike Schmidt (card # 393).  The second card was Justin Verlander (card # 355).

Both of those newly freed cards are Mini Exclusive Rip (Short Print) cards.  +5 each.  That brings it up to a net of +65.

If the owner decided not to rip the Yount/Braun card it would score +35 and they could sell it on ebay.

The Scoring Rules have been updated to reflect the current ruling.

Confused?  So am I.  Thanks for playing.


  1. So that means my rip card with the extended mini should score 5 more points correct? I scored it for the rip plus the 10 but not the 5 for the mini.

    1. PatP, I've adjusted your final score by +5. Another round of reviews will take place after Friday.

  2. Aren't all minis from Rip cards Rip exclusive short prints?

    1. from the interwebs....Cards inside (could) include the extended mini set, the one of one wood versions of the extended mini cards, thirty one of one artist originals (paintings on a mini card) or red ink autographs that are numbered to ten.