Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Get It On

 I've assembled the 2012 Rules.  I'm sure that there's some sort of weird subset that I overlooked.  Or didn't remove something that was in last year's set.  If you find them, let me know and I'll correct.

We're still missing one participant's favorite player.  I've contacted him but haven't yet heard back.

Start the busting and start scoring.  Remember, you need to show the scoring cards on your blog.  Some will show only the cards, some will show the whole stinking packs.  I don't care.  Just bust, bribe, and blog.


  1. I'm not on the participant list, so I don't know if I'm ineligible or just overlooked in the other post, but if I can still play...

    Favorite Player: Justin Verlander
    Favorite Team: Washington Nationals

    1. Patrick, you're in. It was my fault. I overlooked your comment. Sorry about that. I've added you to the appropriate places.

  2. How is Jesus not worth bonus points!?!?!? Shouldn't he wipe away the sins (Yankees) of the box or something?

  3. I agrew! Jesus should redeem a pack and forgive Yankee sins if He is in it!

  4. I'd like to participate as well if it's not too late.
    Favorite Player: Tim Lincecum
    Favorite Team: San Francisco Giants

  5. I totally need to do this next year! What does one need to do to get in on the contest??