Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ginter has hit the streets

Okay, Cuffites, it appears that Topps has released the 2012 Allen & Ginter upon us.

I need the participants to list their Favorite Players and their Favorite Team.

As in previous years, this will affect the scoring.  Specific scoring rules are being addressed (which means I haven't yet started to work on them).  Scoring rules will be posted on or about Saturday, July 21.  All scores by participants shall be posted by midnight, Saturday, September 1.  That's Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Sign ups to participate shall close on Saturday, July 21.  I need a definite "I'm in".  Not a, "I'll do it if so and so does it" or "I'll do it if funding comes my way".  I appreciate those issues, but I don't have time to see if Timmy is playing or to hack your bank account.  You're either in or you're not.  Thanks.

I'll be doing some updating of the pages over the next few days.  Remember, bribes are never a bad thing.

Let's hope that the Mayans got this one wrong.


  1. I'm in. Phillies/Mike Schmidt

  2. I'm in...Blue Jays/Jose Bautista

  3. I'm in...Nationals/David Wright

  4. Def in. Box has been purchased and is in-transit.

    Favorite Player: Matt Kemp
    Favorite Team: Dodgers

  5. I haven't been super active on the blogs recently (boo), but count me in. My buddy already got his case, so I've reserved a box just for this.

    Favorite Player: Neil Walker
    Favorite Team: Pirates

  6. I'm in, box is on the way.

    Fav Team: Braves
    Fav Player: gotta go with Chipper in his final year

  7. I'm in for sure.

    Favorite Team: Rangers
    Favorite Player: Josh Hamilton

  8. Im in. Box on the way from Community Gum

    Team; Padres
    Player; Heath Bell

  9. I'm in.

    Ken Griffey Jr.
    Cincinnati Reds

  10. I'm in like Flynn. I have my box enroute, and if my lust for Ginter gets the better of me and I'm swimming in empty wrappers and minis before the official start date, I have a reserve stash of cash to buy another box. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

    Favorite Team: Minnesota Twins
    Favorite Player: Joseph Patrick Mauer

  11. Favorite Team: Atlanta Braves
    Favorite Player: Craig Kimbrel

  12. My box has been ordered from Community Gum, so I'm in!

    Favorite Team: Washington Nationals
    Favorite Player: Justin Verlander

  13. Yes! My boxes have arrived. One will tide me over until the cuffs come off and we start Gint'in!

    Also, who's bright idea was it to put 23 Yankees in the set this year? Seems like overkill. I bet they did it just for Gint-a-Cuffs!

    1. I've opened the first six or so packs out of my box and I bet I got every one of those Yankees. I'm already eliminated before we start. Yikes!!

    2. In my appetizer box I had at least half my packs have two or more Yankees in them. Every insert seemed to be a freaking Yankee. I hope I picked the right box to open!