Monday, June 28, 2010

Commissioner's Rulings Start Now

So, the product hasn't yet shipped and I'm already having to make some rulings. Sheesh, this is going to be a long summer.

Anthony mentioned that he might have to drop out from the contest because his card supplier might not get his cards to him in time to rip, score and post. I don't want to see him drop out. I've talked with Anthony via email. Summing it up without sharing too much info, Anthony is a member of the US military. He's stationed in Europe and soon he'll be deployed to another area of the world. Knowing that the military mail can move a tad slow, especially when it is trying to find the recipient that is on the go, it might be difficult for Anthony to get his box on time. I'm ruling that Anthony gets to be part of GAC2 with all the rights and responsibilities that it entails. He'll keep his Favorite Player, Javier Vasquez. All other members will get the scoring benefits from Javier Vasquez cards pulled. Yes, this is an unusual circumstance, but we go with what we got. Hopefully the cards will find Anthony and he can participate.

Two other bloggers want to be included. They submitted their requests past the official deadline. I'm extending that deadline and will include them. Todd Uncommon from Todd Uncommon's Tomb and Scott from Hand Collated will be added shortly, but I need to know their Favorite Players and Favorite Teams.

And I had overlooked Teddy from Mack's Mets. Sorry about that. I've corrected it.

Countdown is at 2 days. Or three. Depends when it ships. If anyone still wishes to join the absolute last day will be Wednesday, June 30, 2010. Let's go with 11:50pm that night. Eastern. You've been warned.


  1. When do we get to see the updated scoring for this year?

    When you post the scoring rules so that everyone can comment on them can you then also put them on the sidebar so we don't have to page through to find them each time we need to look at them?

  2. Just an FYI. I went to place my order with Blow Out Cards today and all of the discounted Gint a Cuffs boxes have been sold. I guess they were only allocating 24 boxes for us. This will seriously delay my entry as the price has gone out of my league.

  3. IN!!! I'M IN!!!



  4. Like a schmuck late to the party that overpaid for the beer he brought at the last minute, I pre-paid for my A&G ammo cartridge from DA today.

    I'm in like a laundry spin.