Friday, June 25, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Topps, for whatever reason, has pushed back the release date for their 2010 Allen and Ginter cards. Semi-reliable sources indicate that it won't be available until June 30th.

Fine, I say. That gives me more time to tweak the scoring rules.

I hope to have them up later today. Maybe this weekend. The Old Planter is laid back. I'm taking a cue from him.

Even after the rules are in place there will probably be some changes / additions as more card information is revealed.

Thanks for your patience. And thanks to Beardy for the fantastic image that I lifted. Actually, he is on retainer for producing official images for any and all Gint-A-Cuff events.


  1. Not sure which post to put this on, so I am commenting on the most recent:

    The guy I was getting my boxes from is getting them later then expected and I would be unable to open them in time for gint-a-cuffs, so I have to sadly withdraw my name from the list of participants.


  2. Methinks Topps pushed back the date to get a Strasburg card in there :)