2017 Participants

2017 Participants
Chris Ra. (The Raz Card Blog)
FP: Jose Altuve (base card #184)
FT: Houston Astros

Ross (Design on Deck)
FP: Buster Posey (base card #51)
FT: San Francisco Giants

Chris Re. (Nachos Grande)
FP: Joey Votto (base card #155)
FT: Cincinnati Reds

Community Gum (Community Gum)
FP: Anthony Rizzo (base card #44)
FT: Chicago Cubs

Judson (My Cardboard Habit)
FP: Adrian Beltre (base card #126)
FT: Texas Rangers

Brad (Brad's Blog)
FP: Kris Bryant (base card #1)
FT: Chicago Cubs

--David (Tribecards)
FP: Francisco Lindor (base card #200)
FT: Cleveland Indians

Jedi Jeff (2x3 Heroes)
FP: Jose Abreu (base card #232)
FT: Chicago White Sox

B Man (St. Louis Cardinals' Cardboard)
FP: Matt Carpenter (base card #190)
FT: St. Louis Cardinals

Matt S. (Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits)
FP: Julio Teheran (base card #71)
FT: Atlanta Braves

Ginter Godfather (Ginter Godfather)
FP: Alex Bregman (base card # 205)
FT: Miami Marlins

Dan (The Other World)
FP:Giancarlo Stanton (base card #19)
FT: Philadelphia Phillies

updated on August 10, 2017


  1. FP: Francisco Lindor; FT: Cleveland Indians

  2. I have consulted the mystic orb (a.k.a Random.org list) and had card number 205 chosen for me. I randomized the mlb teams via the same process and obtained the Florida Marlins for a favorite team. Do they even have cards in this set!?

    1. I consulted a checklist and card 205 appears to be Alex Bregman