Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Letters. We get letters.

Fortunately for me they're already formed into words and the words into sentences.  Like I need to assemble random consonants and vowels to make heads or tails of  your concerns.  Geesh.

Let's see what gobbledy-gook I can spew to pacify the questions you've been tossing at me.   I present them below.  My lackey suggested that I edit them for brevity and clarity.  I assume that he meant the questions, not my gibberish.  We'll go with that.

B-Man asked:
Dear Comish, I believe I have a foil hotbox. I have busted two packs and the base cards have all been foil parallels.  Is there a bonus for these parallels?
Foil card example, lifted from ebay

The Commissioner thoughtfully replied:
Yeah, probably.  I've got an idea in my head either for bonus for each card, which would upset the rules to such a degree you'd think that there was an eclipse around the corner, or maybe a bonus for the whole box.  I'm leaning towards the second one.  No firm answer as of yet.  Adding a point or two to a mini or relic doesn't upset the balance of the contest.  This one has the possibility.  A ruling is due by the end of the week.  Thanks for your patience.

--David stated:
I'm a bit of a doof, so if this is answered above, please enlighten me: I pulled a mini red A&G back #/25. How does that score?
Brooklyn Back example, lifted from ebay
The Commissioner thoughtfully replied:
--David, I can't disagree with your first statement.  Regarding how that scores, let's open it up to the other contestants and see what happens.  Oh, it looks like we have an answer.
J. Meeks replied:
The mini red A&G back #'d /25 is the Brooklyn back. I pulled one also.

J. Meeks also went on to ask:
For box loaders, how do we score it if we pull one of another contestant's favorite player? I know that isn't technically a "hit," but I thought I would ask. 
--David jumped in:
In the first example, you would get +4 Boxloader and +2 for Other FP (nothing for other's fav team, only other fav player).  Wahoo!!
The Commissioner added his 2 cents:
Yep.  What he said.  Basically a "hit" is a card that scores points in GAC.  Traditionally a "hit" is an auto or a relic card.  A superdy-duperdy refractor.  A numbered parallel.  Things like that.

 Being a Chatty Cathy, J. Meeks also asked:
Also, how is the scoring if the What A Day insert is of my favorite team OR features another participant's favorite player?
Again, --David jumped in:
Same for second example. You get the What A Day bonus then +2 for other fav player (nothing for other fav team). If YOUR fav team, then you get the +1 added. If YOUR fav player, then you get +4 added! Wahoo!!
The Commissioner again replied:
Yep.  Who wants to run this thing next year?  

B Man, being the inquisitive sort, asked:
OK Comish a few more rulings please. Last year SPs were not awarded points. Should I assume this remains the case this year?
The Commissioner reached back into his brain, thought a bit, and declared:
I have no clue why they weren't included last year.  Let's bring them back.  More points for everyone.  Short Print full size cards shall be +1, usual FP/FT/Yankees adjustments.  I'll need to update the actual rules page.

In the same breath he also asked:
Also, the Ultimate Card Giveaway - are these the Rediscover Topps cards?
The Commissioner, realizing that he's running out of pithy retorts, replied:

On a more serious note, let me say:
Thank you all for your kind words of condolence.  They were comforting. 

Now, stop with the questions and clarifications.  I have things to do.  Like sleep.  And await your bribes.

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  1. The red mini #'d to 25 is a Brooklyn Back. +7, plus any Yankees/FP/Favorite Team, etc bonuses for minis. Cheers.