Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What are the odds?

Contestant Matt, of Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits, recently purchased a case of this year's A&G.  He posted a close up of a hobby pack which includes the "Approximate odds per pack of finding" specific card subsets.

With much arm twisting I was able to wrangle permission from him to present that image here.

*Base Card Glossy Parallel 1:3,626

Base Card Mini Parallels
Allen & Ginter Back 1:5
Black-Bordered 1:10
No Number 1:73
*Brooklyn Back 1:146
*Wood 1:1,900
*Glossy 1:4,258
Short Print 1:13
Short Print Allen & Ginter Back 1:65
Short Print Black-Bordered 1:130
*Metal 1:2,219
*Printing Plate 1:415
*Cloth 1:433

Full-Size Relics
Version A 1:24
Version B 1:24

Framed Mini Relic 1:122
Ancient Rome Relic 1:1,110
*Ancient Rome Relic Silver Coin Parallel 1:70,496
Framed Mini Autograph 1:48
*Framed Mini Red Autograph 1:1,295
*Black Framed Mini Autograph 1:382
*Framed Allen & Ginter Originals 1:6,679
*Dual Player Book Card 1:6,475
*Single Player Book Card 1:1,627
*Cut Signature 1:45,319
*Rip Card 1:180
*Double Rip Card 1:720

Full-Size Inserts
Baseball Legends 1:5
Natural Wonders 1:5

Mini Inserts
U.S. Mayors 1:11
Subways and Streetcars 1:25
Laureates of Peace 1:38
Ferocious Felines 1:25
Skippers 1:288
Greenland Explorer 1:26,436

Framed Employee Edition Autograph 1:14,100

key: * = Sequentially Numbered

So, there you go.  This will help me greatly when I start to put together the points and complete the rules, which will probably happen at about 10pm this Sunday.  Maybe 11pm.

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