Monday, August 13, 2012

Red Backed minis

Greg Z, asked about some card backs...

Q: Are the A&G Baseball Ad Back Mini Parallels (1:222) the red back minis hand-numbered out of 25?
A: The short answer is: No. We had a bit more discussion, with me asking if he was looking for a points ruling on the red back.   That short answer is: Yes.  He also wanted to see examples of each.  I lifted these from ebay auctions.

So, now on to the scoring.  I couldn't find the odds listed for these elusive red backs.  The points assigned and the odds of pulling a card are not necessarily linear.  I'm going to assign the red back minis a +21 points.

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
A&G Ad Back

2012 Topps Allen & Ginter
A&G Red Back (#ed/25)
So, there you go.  I've ruled.

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  1. The short answer to the first question should have been yes. The A&G Baseball Ad Back Mini Parallels (1:222) are the hand numbered red back cards. The first card you showed is the regular A&G back for this year. Topps scrapped the Old Planter design for the A&G design. They swapped the Bazooka back with the Baseball Back, as you've shown in the second picture.

    The no-number minis (50 of each produced) are 1:111, so naturally the #/25 cards are 1:222.