Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Call

I have no earthly clue where this came from.  Some website about mythical sea creatures.  But it is better than giant crayfish.

It has been rather quiet on the Gint-A-Cuffs front.  Only one recent query.

Rod, from Padrographs asked: I have a Chuck Woolery Card, with a woman and a bunch of players, do they count as male figures? Also do I get points for a damaged card?

The Commissioner privately answered: A card with Chuck Woolery, a card with a female, and any card with any other male. So yes, players would count. The damaged card counts. Topps's inability for quality quality control should not hurt you in the points.

The time draws nigh when the participants' final scores need to be posted. That would at 11:59pm this evening, the end of August. Eastern Time. Read the rules.

After the scores have been submitted the results will be verified and a winner announced shortly. Which means when I feel like it. Probably around Labor Day. If you're lucky.

Thanks for playing and thanks to our sponsors, Topps and Community Gum.

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  1. A reader of mine reminded me about this contest...did a winner get announced?