Friday, June 24, 2011

Sign Ups Are Now Open

It is about three weeks away until 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter hit the street.

I'm still in the process of landing a card dealer to get some decent prices on hobby boxes of A&G.  They're working out some details on their end.  As soon as I know I'll let you all know how to get them.

So, how to sign up?  Leave a comment with your name, blog address, favorite player (in the set), and favorite baseball team.

How will these favorites get you points this year?  I have no idea.

Do you believe me?  More importantly, do you trust me?  And even more important than that, can you bribe me?*

Yes to all three.

The point scoring is being configured at this time.  Final scoring system will not be released until the cards have been in the wild for one week after official release date.  This will cause less headaches for me.

So, start leaving your comments to get in on all the fun that is Gint-A-Cuffs III, Release the Kraken.

* Note to participants:  Bribery is not required to win.  But it is fun for the commissioner.**

** Note to participants:  The bribery bit is a joke.  I run a square shop.  Here's a link to my wantlists.


  1. Hey dude! I just called to my LCS and will probably buy from him if the price is right. He'll have my price next week! He's a good guy and supportive of the hobby and has like a wife and kids and isn't a nerdball, like me.

    So I'm in!

    Smed - (Smed's Baseball Card Blog)

    Favorite Team - Twins
    Favorite Player - Kevin Youkilis (YOOOOK!)

    Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) - Haircut 100
    Favorite Thing (Bar Nothing) - Replacements
    Favorite Angel - Sabrina
    Favorite Third Party Candidate - John Anderson
    Favorite Sundae - Hot Fudge w/ Andes Mints at Culver's
    Favorite Game Show - Match Game.
    Favorite Pauline Letter - Romans.
    Favorite Plague - Frogs. Ribbit!
    Favorite 60's Dance - Watusi!

  2. Sup.

    Favorite Player: Matt Kemp/Clayton Kershaw. They're pretty much tied. But if you're forcing me to choose one, then it's The Bison. That's Kemp, just to clarify should anyone not know of the greatest nickname there ever was.

    Favorite Team: Dodgers

    And just for the record, math is not my strong suit.

  3. I'll play along again.

    Votto's my favorite player for the purposes of Ginter (picking Larkin would be stupid me thinks). And of course my team is the Reds.

  4. I'm here, so I'm in.

    Favorite team: Dodgers

    Favorite player: Clayton Kershaw

  5. I am definitely in.

    Favorite Team: Mets
    Favorite Player: David Wright

    Favorite Outcome: Duh, Winning!

  6. I'm absolutely in!

    Favorite Team - Houston Astros
    Favorite Player - Hunter Pence

    Favorite Pastime: Bribery...

  7. Let's do this.

    Team: Braves
    Player: Jason Heyward (who's a SP this year #%$@!!)

  8. I am not the biggest A&G fan, but how can I claim to have a card blog and not participate in the best contest going.

    Favorite Team - Colorado Rockies
    Favorite Player - Troy Tulowitzki

  9. You know I'm in again.

    Favorite team: Orioles
    Favorite Player: Nick Markakis (despite his lousy season)

  10. In. Again.


    Josh Hamilton
    Texas Rangers

    Two cases of PBR, a package of homemade brats and an old dufflebag full of my dads old magazines are en route as a "thank you".

  11. I'm back.
    red sox
    jon lester

    I hope to finish in the same zip code as the eventual winner.

  12. I'll take another shot this year.


    Joakim Soria

  13. Hi, I'm new. But I'm in win it. Or drink a lot of beer while doing it. Either way I think I win.

    Favorite Team: Red Sox
    Favorite Player: Adrian Gonzalez

  14. First time player.

    Fav. Player: Starlin Castro
    Fav. Team: Chicago Cubs

  15. I'm in. First time player
    Favorite Team; Padres
    Favorite player; Heath Bell (because who knows who will actually be on the Padres in a week)

  16. I'm in to continue the tradition of never coming close to the top.

    Favorite Team: Phillies
    Favorite Player: Cole Hamels

  17. I'm in and I will try hard not to back out like I did last year... Got the funds set aside and still have some beer money leftover...
    Favorite team Da Rays
    Fav Player Brian Roberts...

  18. Count me in and will trade any base cards, SPs, hits for minis.

    Favorite Team: Red Sox
    Favorite Player: Jon Lester

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  20. Guess what! I've pre-ordered a box of Ginter! I'm in! Time to mix it up, Aussie-style. For the record, that does not mean nominating Luke Hughes as my player.

    Blog address:

    Favourite Team: Mariners

    Favourite Player: Felix Hernandez (you thought I was going to say Ichiro, didn't you? Well, I pulled an Ichiro in my box last year. What are the odds of two years in a row? Man, I hope I don't regret nominating Felix.)

    Favourite past-time (tie): Rambling and parenthetical comments

  21. New at this as well, but I'll give it a try.



    Favorite Player: Tim Hudson

    Favorite Team: Atlanta Braves

  22. Any chance I can still get in on this? If so:



    Favorite Player: Adam Jones
    Favorite Team: Washington Generals - oops, I mean Baltimore Orioles

    If I missed out...well, I guess I'll save 90 bucks or so.