Friday, May 21, 2010

What to do to enter?

A few of you can't hold your horses and want to get this thing underway.

Patience. Patience.

  • Let me know that you want to participate
  • Secure a hobby box of 2010 Allen & Ginter cards
  • Rip them open
  • Follow the official rules of the contest
  • Post on your blog, the cards that score points for you, positive or negative
For added fun,
  • Add witty commentary
  • Keep up with the contest
  • Bribe the Commissioner
We're feverishly working on the scoring system. A bit tough since we don't have the checklist or exact odds of hits.

But, first things first.

Let me know that you want in. I'll create a list of contestants soon.

Thanks for playing.


  1. I'm interested this year.

    Just remember who it was that sent you that egg sandwich last year...

  2. Oh I'm win to win the crown for real this time - last year's psuedo win only whetted my appetite for domination, destruction, and perhaps a rip card.

  3. I'll be in again. And I am the only blogger that I know of that was paid actually money on a weekly basis to cook eggs. I know what I'm doing.

  4. I have my box on order, and I am working on my ripping technique. Consider yourself warned.

  5. I'm in this time. I started my blog just so I could be in this year (not really). I'm going to send a HUGE package to Night Owl as payment for making you some eggs (also not really) since he was paid to make eggs (really?).

  6. I plan to win this year. Win I tell you.

  7. Eggs are out this year. Doctor says I need to lower my something or other.

  8. Count me in. The Ginter compels me.

  9. I'm in...I already have a box ordered.

  10. i will compete this year after watching from the sidelines last year. i can always use the post fodder.

  11. This is my official "It's me Dave, let me in!" :-)

  12. Consider us in as well. As Nelson says, "I look forward to wailing on all of you."

    --Jon & Andy

  13. Last year as a spectator was entertaining. This year as a participant will be downright mind-blowing!!

    Representing Canada is LFB2B!!

  14. I posted on the FP/FT post, but here i am again.

    Late to the game, but before the dead line :d