2016 Rules


The 2016 Gint-A-Cuffs contest will officially start at 12:01am, Eastern,  Monday August 1, 2016.  Participants can join until then.  The participants are to provide their own hobby box of Topps Allen & Ginter cards.

All cards that score points, either positive or negative, are to be shown on the participant's blog.  The participant shall keep a per pack score and a running total.  After having scored their whole hobby box, they shall comment on the Leader Board page.  Final scores shall be submitted no later than 11:59pm, Eastern, Friday, September 30, 2016.

Participants can only post contents from one hobby box.  Choose wisely.

Scoring will be based on the player/individual/place/etc named on the front of the card. If it is a card of Jose Reyes sliding into home plate that is covered by one of the Molina boys and Reyes is named on the front of the card, you only get points for Reyes.

Favorite Teams only apply to current MLB teams. The Rome Braves do not equal the Atlanta Braves.  The Washington Senators do not equal the Washington Nationals.

  • 0 base card
  • +1 Your Favorite Team base card
  • +4 Your Favorite Player base card
  • +2 Other Favorite Player list base card
  • -1 Any Yankee base card (SP or not)
-1 point if you pull the base card of:
  • Rick Klein (#34)
  • George Lopez (#90)
  • Steve Spurrier (#106
  • Colin Cowherd (#228)
+1 point for pulling the base card of:
  • Falcon 9 Rocket (#32)
  • Monica Abbott (#63)
  • Steve Schirripa (#64)
  • Mike Greenberg (#145)
Combine points if it qualifies for multiple categories.
Last Year's Example: Spankee pulls a Denard Span mini card (#303), which is Short Printed.  Denard is in a Nationals uniform. Spankee's Favorite Team is the Washington Nationals.  How many points does Spankee get for pulling this card?
Mini Card of a Short Print player (+3 ) from your Favorite Team (+1) = 4 points

  • -1 Any Yankee
  • +2 Henry Dunant (#LP-5)  - Laureates of Peace (in addition to the +2 for the LP cards)
  • +1 Mini of player on your favorite team
  • +3 Mini of any player from Favorite Players list
  • +5 Mini of your favorite player
  • +3 Mini Short Print 1:13 (cards #301-350)
  • +2 A&G Back 1:5
  • +3 Black-Bordered 1:10
  • +5 Short Print A&G Back 1:65
  • +5 No-Number 1:73
  • +7 Short Print Black Bordered 1:130
  • +8 Brooklyn Back * 1:146
  • +22 Wood 1:1,900 * (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)
  • +25 Metal 1:2,219 * (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)
  • +28 Glossy 1:4258 * (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)
  • +14 Printing Plate 1:415 *  (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)
  • +15 Framed Cloth Cards 1:433* (silks, not relic / jersey / pants cards) (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)
-1 points if you pull the mini card of:
  • Rick Klein (#34)
  • George Lopez (#90)
  • Steve Spurrier (#106
  • Colin Cowherd (#228)
+1 points for pulling the mini card of:
  • Falcon 9 Rocket (#32)
  • Monica Abbott (#63)
  • Steve Schirripa (#64)
  • Mike Greenberg (#145)
  • +2 US Mayors 1:11
  • +2 Subways and Streetcars 1:25
  • +2 Laureates of Peace 1:38
  • +2 Ferocious Felines 1:25
  • +4 Skippers 1:288
  • + who knows Greenland Explorer 1:26,436
  • +2 Baseball Legends
  • +2 Natural Wonders
  • +10 Rip Card 1:180 *  (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee) (All cards pulled from a Rip card will be +10) plus possible bonus points based on autos/relic/SP
  • +15 Double Rip Card 1:720 * any card inside will be counted as a Rip Card (+12) plus possible bonus points based on autos/relic/SP  Note - cards must be ripped to get the bonus points.  Since this is a 'hit card' Yankees penalties are enforced
  • +5 Full-Size Relics Version A 1:24 (#FSRA-xxx) (Jersey / Pants / Bat / etc)  (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)
  • +5 Full-Size Relics Version B 1:24 (#FSRB-xxx) (Jersey / Pants / Bat / etc)  (Hit Card - divide by 2 if Yankee)
  • +8 Framed Mini Relic 1:122 (If Yankee, you really should know this rule by now)
  • + 12 Ancient Rome Relic 1:1,110
  • + call me, let's talk Ancient Rome Relic Silver Coin Parallel 1:70,496 *
  • +7 Framed Mini Autograph 1:48
  • +22 Framed Mini Red Autograph 1:1,295 *
  • +10 Black Framed Mini Autograph 1:382 *
  • +25 Single-Subject Book Card 1:1,627 *
  • +35 Dual-Subject Book Card 1:6,475 *
  • +35 Framed Allen & Ginter Originals 1:6,679 *
  • +75 Cut Signature 1:45,319 *
  • +30 Framed Employee Edition Autograph 1:14,100
  • +4 Box Loader Set (# BL-XX)
  • +6 Box Loader Relics Set (# BRL-XX)
  • +8 Box Loader Autographs Set (# BLA-XX)
  • +10 Box Loader Autographs Relics Set (# BLAR-XX)
  • +10 Box Loader Cut Signatures Set (# BLCS-XX)
  • + 15 Cabinet Relics Set (# CR-XX)

MULTIPLIERS FOR HITS (Hit Cards are relic, autographs, cut autographs, book cards, etc.):
x1.2 If any of those pulls are of a player from your Favorite Team
x1.7 If any hits are of players on the Favorite Players list
x3 If it is your Favorite Player

Combine points if it qualifies for multiple categories.
Example: Mini Any Favorite Player (+3) with A&G back (+2) = 5 points

If your Favorite Player is a Yankee, you get full points for that player only.  All other Yankees are worth points as noted.

If the Yankees are your Favorite Team, that is your problem and you must accept any and all penalties for all cards that are not of your favorite player.

+1 to 5 points at the discretion of the Commissioner.  A selfie of you, your favorite card from your box, with some sort of Game of Thrones themed prop / backdrop / costume / etc.

Disclaimer: I have done my best (well, I've given it a go) to insure that the odds are correct.  If I am wrong, please bring it to my attention. Scoring may or may not be addressed based on new odds.

As usual, the Commissioner reserves the right to change or amend these scoring rules for clarification or just poor initial reasoning.  Any changes will be clearly noted to the participants.  Common sense will trump convoluted reasoning.

NOTE: I realize that I have not listed points for all possible bonus or extra cards.  I might not have even listed all possible card categories or subsets.  I'll post them soon enough, or when a participant brings it to my attention that they have one and I haven't assigned points.  Probably that second one.

Bribes.  I'm always open to bribes.  They most likely won't do you a bit of good, as they aren't valid in many states, including mine and probably yours.  Heck, send me something, see what happens.

I'm using the official Topps checklist, the scanned wrapper post, the checklist at Cardboard Connection, and ebay as my guides for the odds and descriptions of cards.

official rules originally published on August 1, 2016
updated on insert date, 2016


  1. Dear Comish what value if any do the Full Size Numbers Game inserts have?

  2. I pulled a FSRA - Full-sized Relic of a comedian... Seriously... What are the points for relics that aren't ball players?

  3. Does the Fav Player bonus point translate into the Numbers insert? Would I get the 2 bonus points because I pulled a Numbers Game of Kershaw?

  4. Question on double rip cards.. if you happen to pull one with Kershaw (on FP list) on one side and Maeda (my FP) on the other side.. how would I score that?